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  1. Official: The Jackson UNITY TOUR

    A friend of mine expressed interest in seeing them in Vienna, saying it's the closest we can get to Michael now.. em:smilerolleyes: I don't like Jermaine singing, but i do like vocals of Jackie and Tito, so they are both worth seeing alone. Tito had concert in France last year and based on what...
  2. Say a line from an MJ song that describes you right now.

    It's not a line,it's a verse that describe me. Am I amusing you Or just confusing you Am I the beast You visualised And if you wanna to see Eccentric oddities I'll be grotesque Before your eyes
  3. Human Nature @ Wembley Vevo Premiere / AMAZING PERFORMANCE POST 1

    Re: Human Nature @ Wembley Vevo/YT Premiere next week!! Ehh, it's only 9-10 days left till its release in some countries and by then they will release another promotional clip...also P2P networks will be full of Bad25 :P
  4. NEW! The Jackson 5 Come and Get It: Rare Pearls Compilation (Triple Disc)

    Newly released picture of the box set!!!! Come And Get It: The Rare Pearls is housed in a unique package: a 7-inch square box packed with the discs in their own sleeves; an oversized booklet featuring detailed annotations, rare...
  5. NEW! The Jackson 5 Come and Get It: Rare Pearls Compilation (Triple Disc)

    Wow!! I am so excited about this!!! It's quite sad to see so little excitement about 31 unreleased songs and there appear to be only a fraction of Jackson 5 fans on the biggest MJ community. The best post 2009 releases were unarguably by MOTOWN, perfect sound and very neatly designed CD cases...
  6. Official: The Jackson UNITY TOUR

    Re: Official: The Jackson Start Their National Reunion Tour in July I just saw at their site they will come to Europe-Belgium & Netherlands in November. Surprisingly, tickets for the best seats are already sold.
  7. Obama Administration Must Return Michael Jackson Glove to Dictator's Son

    Of course he acquired it proper way, was there a lot of memorabillia stolen from Neverland? It's just the money that is questionable wether it was obtained legally...and if US government is so incompetent and didn't obtain any proofs, they must return it. Sounds fair...
  8. One More Chance: One Week in Vegas [Paperback]

    I've just checked the title on , they are accepting pre-orders and it also says the book will be published as early as tommorow! We need someone from UK to go to W&H tommorow, check it & post a review here:D
  9. 'stay" the great debate (entire song)

    Um...We've had enough, Beautiful girl, The way you love me? Well, I am sure at least Beautiful girl was recorded post could have been written/recorded before, but the version we hear on TUC must be from somewhere between 2001 & 2004. The same goes for the other two songs...
  10. 'Michael' Jackson Album Sells 3 Million Globally in First Week (?)

    Tnx loka, but... no data for sLOVEnia?! oh come on!
  11. Dominic Cascio speaks

    Re: Dominic Cascio speaks (Upcoming statement from Eddie soon) Umm... video statement will be welcomed, cascios...don't hide behind PC :P
  12. MJ & Jay-Z DYKWYCA (12 O Clock) Fan Made Remix

    Re: Michael Jackson & Jay-z do you know where your children are 12 o clock WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK you!!!!!!! That's the shit! Our Mike!!!
  13. Possible reason 3T (Taj, Taryll & TJ) are against the Cascio track??

    Mr. Nice Guy a.k.a. Teddy Riley... if i remember correctly.
  14. Possible reason 3T (Taj, Taryll & TJ) are against the Cascio track??

    Re: Possible reason 3T & family are against the Cascio track?? Maybe he meant Michael only wrote 3 out of 10 songs on the album... Taryll have nothing to gain from album 'Michael' anyway, i don't know why would he made up this.
  15. How much procent will the estate get from the "Michael" album?

    Um, are you just guessing? It does not work that way, for an album worth around 10usd, artist usually gets around 1 dollar. On top of 250mil, the estate will get 20% from the sales? Sounds a little too good...
  16. Hold My Hand Snippet

    Almost definitely not... It's the song Claude Kelly wrote and gave to Akon. My guess is that it was recorded in 08 or 07.
  17. How much procent will the estate get from the "Michael" album?

    yup..and don't forget we didn't get to see the real contract. Based on the various articles, Sony can get 0 or tens of millions for these 10 projects, it's up to them-maybe they'll sell few more TV's, have a look on all that Sony LCDs in the BN teaser. Iam wondering how much harmless (?)...
  18. Michael - The Lyrics

    Behind The Mask: All alone had to talk about it I can do with someone who really stands me All alone will you look for me girl? Se behind the mask and you control you world Yesterday he had you in his arms When I'm holding you I feel his bitter charms I can't touch what you do to me Camouflage...
  19. Keep Your Head Up( from the new album)

    Your question doesn't make much sense... Would Michael let another singer to sing his song/finish his song and still released it as completely Michael's? I doubt he would...