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  1. Donald Trump Defended Michael Jackson

    Trump like MJ's music too, and Trump can sing to Billie Jean! Check this out. lol :laughing:
  2. Donald Trump Defended Michael Jackson

    MJ's former mansion has a BIG WALL and gate, and only certain selected people with security clearance are allowed inside. Just a thought. Also, in Heaven, there's a Wall and a Gate for people to orderly get in, AND only restricted people meeting certain criteria can go into Heaven. While in...
  3. H3 YouTube's Lies and Fool's Interpretation.

    H3H3 Productions has over 6.5 million views and their did a podcast on LN and said they believe MJ is a molestor and all the nonsenses. Make sure you don't watch any of their ads and click on the ads so they make money, just press "SKIP". Here's a rebuttal to the H3 nutcase. Support Edwins by...
  4. Donald Trump Defended Michael Jackson

    And Don Jr. never mention about molestation so MJ never molested anyone. Don Jr. has millions of $ so he doesn't need to lie about MJ to steal money from the MJ Estate. Btw, Joe Biden's son made over $1 million when he worked for 5 years at the Ukranian's gas company, Burisma, which is owned by...
  5. Donald Trump Defended Michael Jackson

    John Stossel talks about the "Media Myths About Trump" and about Bernie Sander, the Socialist Millionaire. :laughing:
  6. Donald Trump Defended Michael Jackson

    Liberal Media lied about James, Wade, LN, MJ, DJT! More lies from the liberal news media. They lied about James and Wade in Leaving Neverland and now collusion with the Ukraine's President. Learn the truth.
  7. Game of Thrones

    I'm boycotting Game of Throne from HBO. I will only watch for free at some hack website so HBO won't get any money from me.
  8. Off The Wall laugh

    When the song Off The Wall starts, what's that laugh? Is that a hyena's laugh, devil's laugh, or a gremlin's laugh? Is that Michael Jackson doing the laughing sound?
  9. Donald Trump Defended Michael Jackson

    #WalkAway It's time to #WalkAway from the biased news and learn the truth.
  10. Travi$ Payne

    Maybe rent is high in LA so Travis need to make his extra money.
  11. MJ signed Banner from London 2000 - Auction

    So that's a cloth napkin that MJ would signed at the hotel and threw down to the fans. I see that everytime he would write,"I MUST SLEEP NOW." LOL
  12. MJ signed Banner from London 2000 - Auction

    Can you prove MJ signed that?
  13. Donald Trump Defended Michael Jackson

    All it matters is that it's on record and Trump never back down on MJ's innocent. Other celebrities didn't have the balls to go on TV and declared MJ's innocent. Maybe they don't want to ruin their career and needed more money. Only Trump is rich and brave enough to said, "Michael Jackson is NOT...
  14. Urgent - MJJCommunity Donations (this month only) Please Help

    I have done my part for 2019 by giving 20 Pounds (US$25). Why the donaton page ask for pound but the forum ask for dollars? Do you need US$100 or 100 Sterling Pounds? So we have 1,447 active members and we need only 60 people each year (including me) to give $20 each to run the website ($1,200...
  15. Donald Trump Defended Michael Jackson

    Donald Trump publicly defended Michael Jackson and declared him innocent from the beginning! Trump stood for the truth! Did other Presidents publicly defended Michael Jackson when being accused of molestation? Obama just talked how he like MJ's music and didn't said "MJ is NOT a child...
  16. 10th One Rose for Michael J. Jackson, Roses for June 25th 2019

    I know it is a GOOD cause, but from the accounting point of view they have $33K profit left. They buy their roses from Passion Growers and their website sell only one rose that's "perfect in term of colour, shape and fragrance". Check their website: They...
  17. when/where do the LA fans meet today?

    Check this website for all the MJ Day timeline.
  18. 10th One Rose for Michael J. Jackson, Roses for June 25th 2019

    Question for OneRose4MJJ Ok, I ask the OneRose4MJJ right now. Please show all receipts of what is collected and spend on. Is my math calculation true that you have over $33K left over after you pay for the 18,757 roses, delivery and pottery? They said each pottery should hold 120 roses so we...
  19. 10th One Rose for Michael J. Jackson, Roses for June 25th 2019

    Re: No receipts? They DON'T show receipts!!! Why not!? I think because they have like $33K left for themselves. Look at the math I did and see if I'm wrong. I gave them money for roses and I don't want to be taken advantage of, and I'm not giving next year.