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  1. What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to? Take This Heart by Richard Marx
  2. Feeling very worried... :(

    @Daryll748: I did voice my concern about it not long ago on his personal Facebook page, which he has & he keeps in touch with his fans from time to time through posting YT videos, through FB, he uses Twitter, even though he mostly only follows people he personally knows on Twitter, occasionally...
  3. Feeling very worried... :(

    I wanted to post something important to me, in this thread, because for me, it's been bothering me for the past few days, even though I sometimes try my absolute best not to think about it too much & I really don't know why its gotten me emotional worrying about it... :cry::cry: But this is...
  4. MJ Fans on Social Media

    Re: MJ Fans on Twitter?!!!! Hey, if any of you wish to follow my Twitter, this is my ~NEW~ username on Twitter since I just changed it not long ago... I was ORIGINALLY known as "MJJsBADLady87" for a while, but then recently became a Richard Marx fan, so I changed it to...
  5. Richard Marx

    And oh yeah, here are a few of my Richard Marx videos that I've made & I have to admit, they weren't exactly that easy to make, but I did the very best I could & am currently working on my 4th RM video Hope you enjoy them :)
  6. To Catlovers

    Re: to catlovers This is my baby girl Cocoa, who's about I'd say 5 months old, she was found outside by some neighbors the night before, then the next morning, she started hanging around my home where I live, which was back in July...of course we didn't want to leave her outside thinking it'd...
  7. Best Music Videos Ever Made

    My personal opinion/choice would be Richard Marx's song "Hazard" since you have to try to figure out who killed Mary & it's quite a mystery too And here's the info about it from Richard Marx: HAZARD Who Killed Mary? Throughout the...
  8. Why does the media hate MJ so much?

    OOO Really good point...thanks for posting, but at the same time, it's very sad indeed
  9. Michael Jackson's Ghosts

    I actually have the "Making of Thriller" & "Ghosts" on DVD, but it's a bootleg of it..they play ok on my MAIN DVD player & not too well on my computer, but other than that, they're still both good :D
  10. Richard Marx

    I first heard Richard's music about 4 yrs ago, the first one being "Until I Find You Again" second being "Right Here Waiting" & finally "At The Beginning" with Donna Lewis!! However, I just got into his AMAZING music even more, especially with some of his songs that I hadn't really heard about a...
  11. Michael Jackson Official 2014 Bravado 18 Month Calendar Available for Pre-Order

    From what I understand, THIS is the official Michael Jackson 2014 calendar & there are 2 pics in the calendar, one for I believe March & June, & they are THE EXACT SAME pics that were used in both the 2012 & 2013 calendars....I mean...Seriously?!?!? Can't the estate/Bravado add photos that have...
  12. 80's music

    In my personal opinion it's singer/songwriter RICHARD MARX!! He was mostly popular around the LATE 80s... I've now fallen head over heels for him...:heart: :heart: :heart: I thought he was HOTT back in the late 80s, of course he was well known for the mullet hairstyle he had back in the day, &...
  13. In which music video did Michael look the best?

    For me, my personal faves being "The Way You Make Me Feel" & "Dirty Diana" :wub:
  14. To Catlovers

    Re: to catlovers Here's a pic of my kitty cat Cocoa who's possibly about 4 months oldish she's been with me and my family for about 2 months now, she's not been spayed or declawed as of now, but needs it she's more my cat since i've become more attached to her at this point however, my mom has...
  15. MJ's Alleged Lover Asks for Custody of His Kids

    Sorry, but she's just a PSYCHO asking for one thing & one thing only: MONEY!!
  16. Unreleased Victory Tour footage leaks online!

    I SOOO agree with you all the way ;)
  17. Jermaine's passport has been pulled

    Uh oh...who knows, but if he didn't, BOY! I think he'd be in SERIOUS HOT WATER for sure!
  18. Unreleased Victory Tour footage leaks online!

    I thought this was a bit of an interesting comment brought on by another fan who posted on the site & here it is: "It is discouraging to witness the interminable backbiting and petty squabbling that prevent or delay valuable, exciting performance footage and music from reaching audiences today...