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  1. Hot topic Brad Sundberg Seminars: Making Music With Michael Jackson

    That's such a crazy thing to happen. It's my first seminar and I spent the first few hours thinking WOW I AM SO LUCKY TO BE HERE, THIS BRAD GUY IS SO SO SO SWEET TO BE DOING THIS THING FOR US... And then to have one of "us" do this to Brad... Total F**kery
  2. April ~ On This Day In Michael Jackson History ~ MJ April Calendar 2013

    Hi! The post here mentions 20 April as the date Moonwalk was published but Wikipedia says February. Does anyone have any proof of the April 20th date?
  3. MJ's Last Call? 😭😭😭 - fake

    Funny cause it really sounded realer than anything else I've heard to me. Well, gotta stay more vigilant.
  4. MJ's Last Call? 😭😭😭 - fake

    Hmm, the voice sounds 100% like Michael (unlike the "Michael" album ;) just the odd pauses keep throwing me off as they sound unlike him IMHO. Unfortunately in today's times with blessings such as AI easily giving you isolated vocals from any song and upscaling any LQ video to almost 4k I...
  5. This-Is-Not-It Campaign- Real Thread [ Merged ]

    Took me 13 years to pluck up the courage to read these testimonies. And right now I HATE the world and everything in it for doing this to him. Can't even imagine how terrible he must have felt these last few weeks.