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  1. How would new MJ music sound in 2019/ the 2020s?

    I don't know why, but I always imagined him "returning to form" after This Is It. So instead of trying to chase the trends, I could have seen him working with people like Babyface, Teddy Riley, Jam & Lewis, or maybe even someone like Bruno Mars and doing more R&B style music.
  2. Michael Jackson’s Family Demands Estate’s Executors Resignation / Estate Responds

    Well you notice the brother, Jackie, who wrote those words along with Michael didn't sign the letter. So I think he meant those words. Marlon and Jackie have proven themselves time and time again as being the decent ones. The rest? God only knows what they are thinking.
  3. Michael Jackson Estate funding Trust 30 Million for Katherine & Kids

    I think Hayvenhurst is just as important to MJ's legacy as Neverland is. And I think he actually lived in both of them the same amount of time. Hayvenhurst from 1971 to 1988 right? And Neverland from 1988 until sometime in 2003 or so? I say sell a portion of Hayvenhurst to some sort of business...
  4. Rank the brothers

    This topic would ONLY be interesting if Michael wasn't one of the choices...
  5. Michael's vocal range/classification

    That chart definitely isn't accurate. Prince can sing very low in a strong baritone voice, and I believe Michael Jackson can sing very high. MJ's range should be scooted over to the right a bit. And it's crazy they have Marvin Gaye listed as being able to sing higher than Michael Jackson...
  6. “Hollywood Tonight” VIDEO premieres NOW

    Yea I guess you're right, but I never complained about the one that was released. I like it. Nice simple video though.
  7. “Hollywood Tonight” VIDEO premieres NOW

    I don't like this version that much. The one on the CD I always jam to anytime it comes on, this one lacks the same power and feel. Why would they take a song that felt modern and date it by adding the Billie Jean beat? I don't get it....
  8. Billy Ray Cyrus Mentions Michael

    Well he sat on the front row in '84, '85, '88, and '93. So I'm thinking its either '88 or '93. But I remember LL Cool J being behind MJ in "93 when he got the Legend Award. So who knows.
  9. MONSTER - The Official Discussion Thread

    Re: Video for 'MONSTER' will include footage of Michael in the studio!! Didn't know where to post this, but here's a video I made for Monster. I was bored and I really like the song.
  10. Official Charts Thread For ''Michael''

    US Itunes update: HMH #62 (up 2) Monster #83 (up 6)
  11. Official Charts Thread For ''Michael''

    US Itunes: HMH single #64 Monster #89 Album #2 in Albums Album #1 in Pop Charts HMH Video #4
  12. Teddy Riley opens blog, starting with a message to Michael

    He had a lot of hits in the late 90s as well with the group BlackStreet. One of his songs was featured for the Rugrats movie. Let's not act like before Dangerous, Teddy Riley was a nobody, or that after Dangerous, Teddy Riley didn't do anything significant.
  13. keeping your head up

    Keep Your Head to the Sky is a song by Earth, Wind, & Fire.
  14. The songs on "Michael" - when was each of them recorded?

    I thought Much Too Soon was recorded around the time of Thriller.
  15. Update: NOW STREAMING / Hold My Hand - the video (discussion)

    Good video. I just think there are waaaayyyyyy too many clips of Michael Jackson actually holding people's hands for there to not be atleast one clip of MJ actually holding somebody's hand in the video. Pretty sure he holds Siedah's hand on the Dangerous tour...even that is better than nothing...
  16. Michael - Your Album Review + Poll

    Re: Michael - Album Review + Poll (corrected, Vote again) It's crazy that Best of Joy was recorded within the last few weeks/months of his life. Crazy that he was thinking "I am Forever." Sort of foreshadowing. I love the CD. Can't wait to go buy it next week.
  17. MJ Could Make HIStory Again

    So wouldn't 2010 be 6 consecutive decades? 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s.... that's already five. 2010 would mean six consecutive, unless I'm missing something....
  18. Behind the Mask - Official Discussion Thread

    Re: The "Behind the Mask" Thread It makes me want to dance. And I've seriously been dancing around my room to this 30 second snippet. Great song!!
  19. If 'Dangerous', HIStory' & 'Invincible' were only 10-track LP's

    Dangerous: 1. "Jam" 2. "Why You Wanna Trip on Me" 3. "In the Closet" 4. "Remember the Time" 5. "Heal the World" 6. "Black or White" 7. "Who Is It" 8. "Will You Be There" 9. "Keep the Faith" 10. "Dangerous" History: 1. "Scream" 2. "They Don't Care About Us" 3. "Earth Song" 4. "Money"...