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  1. A.I Michael - opinions

    WHAT!? Damn, I really thought Sony was out to get everyone making AI covers. How did he send out fake takedown notices? There's no way Sony and UMG doesn't sue him out of existence for sending out fake DMCA takedowns in their names.
  2. A.I Michael - opinions

    Sony just reverted their takedown of my AI covers, so all my videos have now been restored. WTF? Beano's cover of Eaten Alive is also back. :D
  3. A.I Michael - opinions

    UMG and Sony just took down all my MJ AI covers, it's a miracle my YT account isn't suspended lol. I advice everyone here to delete or make their own covers private if they wanna keep their accounts.
  4. A.I Michael - opinions

    And so it begins.
  5. A.I Michael - opinions

    Tried this with Rockwell's vocals and it just sounds like MJ trying his best to sound like Rockwell. This technology only works well if you have an impersonator who can sing it in Michael's style...
  6. A.I Michael - opinions

    This cover was meant to be.
  7. A.I Michael - opinions

    I'm just playing around at this point. 😂
  8. A.I Michael - opinions

    I've always wondered what it would sound like if Michael sang this song, so I made it myself. Let the era of AI covers begin. :)
  9. A.I Michael - opinions

    About 3 hours of dry vocals and I did have a few MJ falsettos in there. The problem isn't that the model isn't able to output falsettos, it's just that the falsetto sounded just like Jason when used on the Breaking News acapella.
  10. A.I Michael - opinions

    I just trained my own model and tested it on Breaking News. Jason's falsettos completely overpower the model and it sounds like Michael doing his best Jason Malachi impression. 😭😭😭
  11. A.I Michael - opinions

    Has anyone tried this on any of the Cascio tracks (or any other Jason Malachi songs)? 😂
  12. Let's end the confusion about MJ's unreleased tracks here

    I'm hearing the files circulating right now are the files from his computer. Brad said in his IG post that an additional hard drive was stolen and I've heard that the thief is intending on uploading that today.
  13. Thriller 40 Disc 2 - POSITIVE ONLY Thread

    The instrumental for Who Do You Know sounds like something straight out of Animal Crossing.
  14. Hot topic What unreleased demos and remixes do you think will be on Thriller 40 Disc 2?

    Dropping Thriller 4K on YouTube on Halloween is a no brainer, but then again this is the MJ Estate we're talking about so who knows... 🤷‍♂️
  15. Chicago 1945

    Because the next track on that album is named Loving You, they probably renamed it to avoid confusion.
  16. If you could choose any MJ song, which would you want to be his "Running Up That Hill" moment?

    I remember the trailer for the second season where they used Thriller. Still one of the best trailers I've ever seen for a movie/TV show. The latest season takes place around spring 1986 and assuming there's a time jump in season 5 we might get some songs from Bad, not sure which song would fit...
  17. Sega posted MJ related Sonic video on TikTok

    As a kid I remember watching videos on YT speculating on MJ's involvement with Sonic 3 all the way back when he still was alive. Really glad to finally see it officially confirmed!
  18. Thriller 40th Anniversary

    Surely they're dropping Thriller 4K on YouTube this Halloween. Spoiler: they're not.
  19. What were the original planned singles for Invincible?

    Unbreakable as the lead single would've been a SMASH. Then he could've followed it up with Whatever Happens as the second single.