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  1. New MJ content (Possibility)

    What a let down. I enjoy this instead, if not allowed please remove.
  2. New MJ content (Possibility)

    I know the problems with the history tour. But visually and also sometimes concerning the sound(minus playback) it is very cool. Also the Sci fi lighting and the shiny costumes during the TDCAU section (which I know from snippets) is worth it alone. In no other recording of the tour that I know...
  3. New MJ content (Possibility)

    Damn, I hope this is not all just wishful thinking.
  4. New MJ content (Possibility)

    A vhs tape wouldn't have looked really better on blu-ray. But the stagelights moving along with the camera movement wouldn't have been this present from what I understand (due to compression) . Also the newest dolby/dts sound formats are not possible on DVD. But looking forward to the...
  5. New MJ content (Possibility)

    Sounds very good, I'm starting to look forward to what will be unveiled. But dvd is a big no, it should be blu-ray and digital release. Even with a bad source not worthy of blu-ray, you will get inferior resolution/detail and additional compression artifacts in comparison to the newer formats...
  6. Songs that could have made great concert openers

    We are here to change the world. I imagine how it could have been with like a captain eo 2.0 opening on this is it with the spheres and the whiteish diamond costume by zaldy.
  7. New MJ content (Possibility)

    Would be cool, would go along with the mentioned tracks cgywom and rampage (rumors, all Rodney tracks). Hopefully with a remix of heartbreaker that really brings out it's strengths.
  8. New MJ content (Possibility)

    Hopefully this is the time we finally get to hear some of his last tracks (RedOne, maybe but I don't really care anymore) and the songs he was working on by himself/Michael Prince/Brad Buxer with the gothic direction. Its most likely it will be as part of a collection. Wouldn't mind...
  9. Are there remnants from the music videos for Unbreakable and Threatened?

    This is from, one of my favourite sites back in the day with reliable info: 30/10/2001 Unbreakable To Break All Michael Jackson has more than one trick up his sleeve for INVINCIBLE. After the great "You Rock My World" video, the King of Pop will return in early 2002 with a...
  10. What's your favorite part/moment of HIStory Tour?

    This, 1:33 - 2:10 The perfect sci-fy lighting in combination with Mjs outfit, the dance moves, the sound
  11. Michael's Unreleased Material [MERGED]

    Re: What's the next "holy grail" of unreleased MJ songs? For me, preferring stuff from 2001 onwards -The apparently 'gothic' songs -Michael Prince /Brad Buxer stuff -RedOne -unknown gems, latest version of released demos -classical album -movie soundtracks which were scrapped
  12. Project: CAPTAIN EO in BluRay / HD Digital Release

    Re: project: CAPTAIN EO in BluRay / HD Digital Release Remember the sausages, eggs and bananas all over captain eo after the ship crashes? :-)
  13. Project: CAPTAIN EO in BluRay / HD Digital Release

    Re: project: CAPTAIN EO in BluRay / HD Digital Release I would love this. The film was already in brilliant quality/remastered for the tribute after 2009. Hope it happens as a gift set with miniature space ship, making of, new making of, rough cut, artworks,...
  14. The MJ Estate Has Updated the FAQ Page on the Official Website

    So dear estate, should you eventually decide to release more songs, do the proper research which you mostly haven't done in the past. All the people which were originally involved in a song need to be contacted (now, when they are still alive) Otherwise you have really no clue what is what...
  15. Detailed list of unreleased songs that could be released

    There is no public and probably not at all a document which states what songs could be released according to MJ. The only thing clear is there are multiple finished (enough) songs from sessions which he is willing to release, estate blocked one of these songs for the album willpower...
  16. A Michael Jackson Coin

    All of them are terrible imo.
  17. Was MJ working on debuting new dance moves for TII?

    It's actually a Fred Astaire move, see 0:08
  18. Does the MJ + Whitney Duet really exist?

    I remember a rumor that the song was supposed to be called Days of the broken hearted, but I never saw any evidence of it actually existing.
  19. German Documentary “Michael Jackson: Auf der Suche nach der Wahrheit” (In Search of the Truth)

    Just watched it, it was good. Loved the laugh of Michael near the end in the waterballoon fight
  20. German Documentary “Michael Jackson: Auf der Suche nach der Wahrheit” (In Search of the Truth)

    I think it should be alright. 'Akte' is the same show that exposed the guy with the fake MJ autographs, can't remember his name.