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  1. Michael Jackson's attitude towards women in his music

    His wife said on national tv that she slept with him. Why would I believe Ian Halperin over her?
  2. Michael Jackson's attitude towards women in his music

    Hey Midwest, I do think Michael had contempt for women, as a sex. Not every single woman he came across, obviously. Nor am I saying he harmed women or refused to employ them or discriminated against them. There's no harm in admitting he has said rather troubling things about women. It could be a...
  3. Michael Jackson's attitude towards women in his music

    IMO, Michael definitely had misogynistic notions on women -- not saying he acted on them, I wouldn't know. But he had troubling notions about women probably reflecting his strict religion, upbringing and things he saw around him, growing up. He probably had a binary view on women, rather than a...
  4. Urgent: Balance needed

    I actually left this forum because of the Nature criminal infestation. I think it would be fine to make it a subscription model - esp if that's one of the few ways that will remove monthly headaches to the owners.
  5. MJ Book Club - Michael Jackson Book Discussion (Old Books and New)

    Anyone read this one and want to share interesting things from it? Referring to Michael JAckson and me - Talitha's book
  6. The 1983 Unauthorized Interview - What do we know about it?

    Michael's Michael McKellar reaction is one of my favourite things about that deposition. I've always wanted to know what happened to it. Has no info come out about it in all the podcasts and leaks?
  7. I wonder if we are ever going to see the Man in the Mirror performance from United We Stand (2001)

    So, in all this time ABC never tried to re-air this footage? Even when it was MJ everywhere for most of 2009? What a shame.
  8. Best song on Invincible

    My favourite track off Vince is Speechless - unsurprisingly, looks like that was the most popular choice. Love his vocals and his conviction on that.
  9. John Landis Controversy

    I had no idea about this accident or John Landis' history but I think he's a cocky guy with a huge ego. You can see the difference in how he talks about Michael from Thriller to Black or White.
  10. What era was Michael at his most confident?

    In personal life? Bad era, I think. He knew what he had accomplished and he knew where he wanted to go and was actively pursuing it. His interviews in this time ooze empowered control and confidence. Nothing like what you see him be like after 1993. On stage, he's always been boss.
  11. THEY'RE BAD Michael Jackson hit out at The Beatles and Elvis in letters revealing fury over racism-

    You're allowed to raise questions and state opinions, of course. Everybody is. Diversity of opinions is v important on discussion board. It's not great to state the same opinion and raise the same questions on every page of a thread multiple times, to the point that the thread is derailed. You...
  12. Leaving music to do films?

    I think Michael wanted to be in the movies (acting first, directing later) from very early on. I think as someone else said in this thread he wanted it more than any of us could imagine, at least from the 90s onwards - after he'd scaled the music industry peaks and achieved most of what he set...
  13. THEY'RE BAD Michael Jackson hit out at The Beatles and Elvis in letters revealing fury over racism-

    TBH, these are not questions anyone but the leaker can answer and there is no need for all of us to be asking these. Each of us has an internal threshold of credibility when it comes to Michael, from longs years of experience and if that threshold is met, we think it is authentic. No one person...
  14. What happened to Michael in the late nineties -2003?

    Thank you for this - will check these out! This is how I feel too. Michael surrounding himself with unsavoury people became a feature of life from this period on. The only competent people I can remember being in his life post this period were T Mez and his team. Michael was such an odd mix of...
  15. What happened to Michael in the late nineties -2003?

    Somehow I never figured that the 1999 injury had such far reaching consequences. Michael was 40 at the time - some age related slowing down is to be expected. I think he knew very well even before History that he shouldn't be touring anymore. I think that impacted his health more than anything...
  16. What happened to Michael in the late nineties -2003?

    I started this thread to get thoughts of people who were fans in the period mentioned - observations and opinions. Didn't start it as a fact finding mission to prove in a court of law on when he appeared sober during this time or days when he had injuries. If you believe nothing happened during...
  17. Miscellaneous Michael J. Jackson - MMJJ

    I have a question - all the dancers in the tours have mikes before them for some of the songs and seem to sing (think WBSS, Jackson 5 medley etc.) They are just miming right? Are their mikes turned off?
  18. What happened to Michael in the late nineties -2003?

    Michael didn't seem himself to me in the 2003 party - I was thinking of that when I mentioned it. Not implying he was a drunkard - I hope that suffices. You can't really control other people's thoughts and expressions how much ever you try to prove that you're right. It is simply opinions...
  19. What happened to Michael in the late nineties -2003?

    They are not rumors - he did drink - no one is saying excessively. Have you seen the 2003 birthday fan party thingie? He liked to drink white wine quite a bit. I ask these questions with love :) Yes but something seems to have changed. Compare his interviews during Bad era or even 1993 with...
  20. What happened to Michael in the late nineties -2003?

    The period starting from maybe late 1996 to about 2003 - Michael seemed different. He was different in the interviews he did - more eager to please and defensive (prbably attributable to 1993). Then he got worse - decided to let Bashir into his life. Went on a publicity overdrive (maybe fueled...