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  1. Ultimate Invincible Album

    Do you know what "The Lost Children" is about? :LOL: Well TLC could have 2 meanings, upon a first listen, the listener would assume it's about children and all that stuff. But the other meaning, the real meaning, the song's actually about the elderly. Older people who lost everything that was...
  2. A.I Michael - opinions

    This sounds horrible, where's the grit? the aggression?
  3. Thriller 40th Anniversary

    You know why Soul Train is called Soul Train right?
  4. Thriller 40th Anniversary

    Didn't Branca said it himself that it was coming in January or am I off?
  5. Thriller 40th Anniversary
  6. Thriller 40th Anniversary

    And if the Estate did pay for the checkmark, some fans would still complain and bother. (why did you pay for twitter blue? blah blah blah) Damned if you do, Damned if you Don't. This blue checkmark means nothing anyways especially when they're just allowing anyone to have one these days.
  7. Thriller 40th Anniversary

    Question: Where was the vault (talking about the video vault really) exactly located? I heard in a Warners lot (something like that), was MJ's video material stored at Neverland? (did it get lost in that raid?) I also heard that Michael had several rentals and warehouses filled with his stuff...
  8. Unreleased HIStory cuts?

    I'm looking at other scans of BOTDF, he's also on that.
  9. Unreleased HIStory cuts?

    Thanks for spotting, my eyes are not working today haha.
  10. Unreleased HIStory cuts?

    here's the booklet liner scans: I don't see a Ryan Arnold unless I'm blind. :LOL:
  11. Let's end the confusion about MJ's unreleased tracks here

    Does a solo version exist or it's just background vocals?
  12. If the estate released Dangerous 25, what would you want the track list to be?

    Along with all the songs and vault material, I would include a proper soundboard audio and filmed concert. My List would be.... 6. Live in Munich- June 27, 1992 (soundboard audio) (or Monza 1992) 7. Live in Munich- June 27, 1992 pt 2 (soundboard audio) 8. DVD and digital: Live in Tokyo 1992
  13. If the estate released Dangerous 25, what would you want the track list to be?

    Instead of the regular Monkey Business, I would put the mix that they were playing with in the studio (the one that leaked a couple of months back), with the extra oohss and downs and more ad-libs, if they could actually find that mix from Ocean Way or in the vault. I would title that Monkey...
  14. When Were Songs Recorded?

    Chicago 1945 vocals has to be at least 1984-1985, they don't sound like 1982 or 83.
  15. What would be your ideal tracklist for HIStory and Dangerous 25?

    What soundboard show would you pick if you had to include? Monza 1992?
  16. What would be your ideal tracklist for HIStory and Dangerous 25?

    If you were handling the Estate, how would you have released a new anniversary album? What songs would you have put on Dangerous 25 and HIStory 25? Since these types of albums comes with a pro-shot show, which show would you choose?
  17. Thriller 40th Anniversary

    That’s what I was saying, Michael didn’t need to do This Is It, he had his concert tapes which he could’ve released. It would’ve made a lot if he released and he wouldn’t have to tour. I’m assuming it’s because he thought it’s much better to experience the concert rather than watch it on the...
  18. Hot topic What unreleased demos and remixes do you think will be on Thriller 40 Disc 2?

    I agree, they really are good songs though but I could understand why these songs weren't picked for the final tracklist of Thriller. They are still top tier in the Michael outtakes.