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  1. Diane Dimond is Back on Entertainment Tonight

    Doesn't matter the real injustice is that she's here among the living and Michael is dead.
  2. Fans who went to santa maria courthouse. Thank you.

    Thank you as well, just hurts knowing that he barely lived another 4 years later :cry:
  3. Debunking The Conspiracies - The Truth - 1st Video - The Old Man At MJs Memorial

    I agree, it hurts like hell that Mike is dead but I think we all agree Michael adored his babies, no way in HELL he'd have them going through these funerals and sitting through them watching them cry their little hearts out, the man is gone to the great yonder.
  4. Official <<< THIS IS IT >>> - More Countries Added ;-)

    Re: This Is It Trailer Coming Very Soon! I'll make sure to skip this, they've got to be kidding to think I want to relieve how he died and his funerals on the big screen.
  5. Michael Jackson Worldwide Chart Performance Thread

    Congratulations on getting recognized :flowers:
  6. Debbie Rowe Was Not Invited To Funeral

    It's simple the Jacksons adored Lisa Marie and they never liked Debbie Rowe end of story.
  7. Michael Jackson Worldwide Chart Performance Thread JACKSON'S ACTION Hi Gary, I am a member of the MJJ Community Fanclub (, and I was...
  8. Brian Oxman talks to the Sun: MJ's star burned so bright

    I've never understood why he has been allowed to continue to be privy to family information with all of the stuff he has said, makes you just shake your head.
  9. Funeral Program w/ Messages From Jacksons

    Interesting that they have pic of him and Lisa, none with Debbie and I also read that on Thursday afternoon hours before the service the family allowed private time for Lisa with Michael's coffin, when Debbie asked to do the same thing on Wednesday evening before the next evening's service her...
  10. Jackson 5 Christmas Album Due Oct. 13

    That'll be good to have at Christmas time.
  11. Michael's Children Pay Him Tribute

    My heart breaks for them :cry:
  12. MOTOWN 50th Anniversary - Michael & The Jackson 5

    I'm glad this board is here, I hope even with Michael's death we never loose the fan communities, thanks for the Motown articles.
  13. Janet Jackson Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Tell-All Interview...Interview NOW POSTED!!!

    Re: Janet Jackson Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Tell-All Interview At least we know with Janet it'll be from heart and not because I need 200k from some skanky tabloid like the others have done since his passing.
  14. The Daily Weekend News Sep 04 - 06

    Michael will never be forgotten, it's so beyond painful to imagine life without hearing anything about what he is doing or up to, I pray his children somehow are able to find peace and manage living. They lost everything that mattered June 25, 2009 but I know that life continues on, I just hope...
  15. Michael Jacksons Burial Pictures

    Thanks to everyone who provided pictures, it still is so unreal that Michael is no longer here with us :cry: :cry:
  16. Madonna collapses on stage OMG

    Jona, don't worry about what some say we all know that Madonna is an ICON for the ages. I agree as MJ fans we shouldn't be bashing NO artist, thank GOD she's still here to perform brilliantly with tears in my eyes I'd love for Michael to be HERE and not being going 6 feet or more under today.