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  1. Who here enjoys reading books?

    Love to read. Fantasy/Sci-Fi are my favorite genres, but I'll occasionally read other genres and non-fiction.
  2. The last film/tv show you watched?

    Movie: The Croods: A New Age TV: The Conners

    Heard Black or White in the grocery store the other day, and then Beat It on the way home. :)
  4. MJ Songs You Would Never Want to Hear as an Official Cover.

    “Childhood” for sure. Too personal to Michael. You could probably put “Leave Me Alone” in that category too.
  5. An updated photo gallery...

    I like this one Actually hadn't visited in a while.
  6. James Bond actor Sean Connery passes away aged 90

    Another legend gone. :( RIP Sean Connery.
  7. Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman dies at 43

    Heartbreaking. One of the first films I saw him in was playing as James Brown in Get On Up. I knew right then and there how amazingly talented he was. It's truly a devastating loss. But he left such a wonderful legacy behind in the short time he lived.
  8. Get On Up" Official Trailer (2014) James Brown Biopic HD

    OMG, I'm shocked. No way. :(
  9. The MJJcommunity's ultimate top 5 MJ tracks?

    My list might be a little different from most. 1.Human Nature 2.Morphine 3.Money 4. Smooth Criminal 5. TDCAU
  10. What's Your Favorites Off The Album Goin' Places?

    Great album with lots of great tracks, but I think the title track is my favorite.
  11. Björk Appreciation Thread

    Love Bjork. TBH, I decided to look into her music more when I heard about her being a MJ fan. Her music is great. So unique.
  12. Positive MJ references in film/tv/music (list them here)

    Everything Is Illuminated is a pretty funny movie, and has some MJ references. :D
  13. Coronavirus Thread

    Going to be a rough time, but we'll get through. I'm mostly worried about my loved ones. Having an anxiety disorder already doesn't help matters. And I feel bad for health care workers and people losing their jobs. Time seems to be going slow right now. Usually it doesn't feel that way to me...
  14. The last film/tv show you watched?

    Just watched The Aeronauts, which was good, if a bit slow in parts.
  15. Was Michael Jackson Autistic?

    Who can say? I'm on the spectrum myself too, but IMO I think Michael was the way he was due to losing out in his childhood, being in the spotlight from a young age, being raised a Jehovah's Witness, ect, probably a combination of factors. But I'm not an expert in psychology nor neurology or...
  16. A Year Since 'Leaving Neverland' First Hit Headlines - How do you feel?

    I find it funny when haters would say fans see Michael as a god, but then turn around and come up with arguments like this. Does that not mean they see Michael as some sort of a god or wizard too? lol
  17. A Year Since 'Leaving Neverland' First Hit Headlines - How do you feel?

    I still don't think LN has had a huge impact on his legacy. I still hear his music, and he is still celebrated. New fans have actually been made out of this so I think it's almost a blessing. I still hope Wade and Jimmy get what's coming to them, but it might be a while. But I'd say I feel...