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  1. A.I Michael - opinions

    Yep, the Ain’t No Sunshine J5 Acapella was totally clean. The Usher one had a bit of reverb and the Miley one had layered vocals in parts. These were all made on a model that was less trained, in a few days I’ll have my model up to scratch which should get rid of the digital artefacts and make...
  2. A.I Michael - opinions

    Hey guys, I made a channel, so I could share the clips I’ve been making on this forum. Here are three I’ve done off my model that I’ve been training. Not perfect but getting there! Happy to take requests but you’ve gotta e-mail me a clean acapella of your request with no background...
  3. A.I Michael - opinions

    Ie i‘m finding it hard to find clean Prince Acapella’s, to make my own Prince model so I could finally hear MJ and Prince on Bad. The fact there are so few clean acapella’s to train it on make this super difficult. Same with old artists like Elvis and Johnny Cash etc who recorded live with the...
  4. A.I Michael - opinions

    To train it you’d need all five voices individually in acapella trained in different models then mix it yourself. I might be wrong but I can’t imagine it would do well with multiple voices in one track. When training my model, I had to each song into 15 second clips where it was JUST MJ’s voice...
  5. A.I Michael - opinions

    Haha unfortunately not, although I’m sure before too long someone will turn it into software that’s easy to use. Right now it involves using Huggingface and setting up PiTorch on a virtual machine on Paperspace, setting up the training model, making your data set and then training on the virtual...
  6. A.I Michael - opinions

    I paid someone to train me and took me quite a while to get the hang of it, it’d be a bit difficult to explain it in a post. Sorry.
  7. A.I Michael - opinions

    I just started training my own model, I’ma bout half done but here is a link to the Acapella of Music and Me from when he was younger, I redid it with his adult voice using the AI model I trained with Huggingface and Paperspace. Stil imperfect but absolutely getting there. I’m going to start...
  8. A.I Michael - opinions

    Those are making these AI MJ tracks are you using Paperspace to train your models? How many MJ acapellas have you trained on? What size are each file? Like 15-17 seconds? Lastly, how many epochs do you let it train for? Or how many hours/days/weeks?
  9. Thriller 40 Documentary

    How do you know that? Why so cryptic?
  10. Thriller 40 Documentary

    It’s been a few months now since Thriller 40 got released, what’s happening with the documentary? Feels a bit random to release the Anniversary album and the documentary so far apart. Have there been any updates? A release date? What platforms we’ll be able to watch it on?
  11. MJ Fan Art. Paintings/Statues/Anything Else

    Still waiting for the mods to approve the picture of the HIStory statue I made. Help Mods?
  12. MJ Fan Art. Paintings/Statues/Anything Else

    These are AMAZING! Do you know who made them? I’m trying to post a picture of a HIStory statue, 65cm 4.5-5 kg I made but its saying waiting for mod approval! Once that’s done, love to hear your thoughts on what I made.
  13. MJ Fan Art. Paintings/Statues/Anything Else

    I love seeing fan art and the unique things people create. Would be great to see what everyone’s created?
  14. Michael ab-libbing

    Ad-Libs on the Acapella to Who Is It are out of this world.
  15. Are there still some so called “ hidden gems” left in the vault?

    Seeing Voices is so genius. I wonder how many songs like that, Scared OF The Moon, Little Susie etc are in the vault. I’d love to hear more of his theatrical type msic.
  16. "Michael", a biopic about Michael Jackson, is officially happening.

    I wonder if a mini series would be better. I mean there’s so much to cover in two hours. The Jacksons an American Dream was two parts and that stopped at Thriller. I say a 6-8 part mini series.
  17. Why the lip-synching?

    Surely from the hundred odd concerts of the HIStory tour, they recorded his playback vocals for each song when he was sounding good. They’d have to. I mean why wouldn’t they?
  18. Where are the HIStory statues now?

    I make these History statues, 65cm tall and about 4.5kg. If anyone wants one feel free to PM or contact me for details.
  19. Dream Posthumous Album

    Assuming that MICHAEL or XSCAPE weren’t release and you could make the ’perfect’ posthumous album from any song that wasn’t release on a studio album, what would your tracklisting be? Mine would be: Slave To The Rhythm (original, minus the Saxaphone) Blue Gangsta Hollywood Tonight She Was...