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  1. What was the message of "Threatened"?

    Sure. But do you really think Michael would dedicate a song with a darker meaning to a good friend??? That would be a cruel thing to do. Imagine Michael dedicated Morphine to you... how would you feel?
  2. What was the message of "Threatened"?

    I mean Michael emphasizes this song is about entertainment… if Threatened was a song with different meaning, if it was a reaction to child abuse allegations for example, or if it was an attack on Tommy Mottola, he wouldn’t dedicate it to Rick Baker. That’s what that dedication shows to me.
  3. What was the message of "Threatened"?

    By the way, the Invincible booklet says this: "This song is especially dedicated to Rick Baker... The Guru of Special Effects". Which affirms this was supposed to be a new Thriller. It also sort of confirms this song was made for those who like scary stuff.
  4. What was the message of "Threatened"?

    I love the line "Half of me you'll never be, so you should feel threatened by me." That's to all people with unfounded opinions about him. Basically he is saying: And who are you?
  5. Michael's true involvement in his music?

    Writing credits are business. They don't always represent the actual writing history of the song (unfortunately).
  6. The music in Michaels short films.

    And what is the song that faintly plays in the background (on the radio) in BAD? When Daryll (Michael) gets home and reads his mother's note. You hear a rap song in the background...
  7. What does MJ say in the end credits of the Bad short film?

    Yeah, it’s Bruce. Another question… what music plays over the radio in this short film? It’s a rap song, you can hear it when Daryll (Michael) is at home and reads the note of his mother.
  8. Michael and Space

    Did someone already mention Scared of the Moon?
  9. Michael and Space

    The story goes Michael wanted to play Peter Pan in Spielberg's movie Hook, but Spielberg told Jackson the movie was not for him. This is what Spielberg said in an interview in Entertainment Weekly, in December 2011: There are many stories online that Michael was upset about this, and hated...
  10. Michael and Space

    The short film for Can You Feel It is very galactic as well.
  11. Is leave me alone on the LP release of Bad?

    BAD has been edited since it's release. They removed the spoken intro of I Just Can't Stop Loving You, and made some other adjustments. It's just a tiny difference in running time, but may be that allows for the inclusion of Leave Me Alone on BAD 25 lp.
  12. Ryuichi Sakamoto dies aged 71

    Sad to hear about the death of Ryuichi Sakamoto ... the composer of the original version of Behind the Mask. He played Behind the Mask live on piano in recent years... listen to this version, and this one. Nice...
  13. MJ Decade Album 79-89 or 80-90

    I wonder about Music & Me on this track list... would it be a re-recording? Sort of as a bonus? The original song is from 1973... it has no place on an album spanning the years 1979-1989 or 1980-1990.
  14. Is there such a thing as a bad MJ song, album or performance?

    I love Michael's solo demo version of the song. Great strings, great vocals. It's the duet approach in the final version that makes it cheesy.
  15. The song: On The Line

    Apparently, The Ultimate Collection is right: Copyright registration
  16. No Victory songs on the Victory tour?

    Michael was on all covers... Destiny, Triumph, Victory... it's a weird argument that the cover being a painted artwork would mean Michael wasn't interested in the project. In that case, he wasn't interested in Dangerous, HIStory, Blood On The Dance Floor and Invincible either. I think the...
  17. Can somebody recognize all songs from these lists...

    Isn't that the song Michael performed at the Sammy David Jr anniversary? Which is a GREAT performance by the way... I wish Michael had done such simple performances in front of the microphone more often.
  18. Stories in the Room: Michael Jackson's Thriller Album

    I thought the podcast was to be released yesterday? I can't find it...