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  1. Asking ourselves tough questions.

    Your "valid points" mean're a fantasist. The law states evidence must be proved beyond reasonable doubt for an individual to be guilty of that said crime. Now you can give me all sorts of petty shit about no evidence remains in these cases(which is incorrect) all you want but when...
  2. Asking ourselves tough questions.

    No I didn't! You seem to have selective reading and responding,I have learnt that much which says way more than I need to add to. Maybe go back and read have got nothing correct yet here you are still blaming others....hmm. You have provided nothing to back up your doubts....hey,we...
  3. Asking ourselves tough questions.

    Where is the name calling?You have constantly came up with concerns which I have addressed....I have asked you questions that you have conveniently ignored yet came back with more questions....I'm tired and bored to be honest. As I say,believe what you want.......tell me what facts has made you...
  4. Asking ourselves tough questions.

    I'm doing all this on my phone which is tiring as I have to keep going back and forth to what is written so please forgive any small mistakes.... Further allegations does not equal are way off in thinking that when you look at these accusers. EC asked MJ for millions to fund a film...
  5. Asking ourselves tough questions.

    This is the issue....not just with you but the masses....they don't know enough,and by that I mean facts,not media bullshit....which in fairness is easy to fall into if you're not a fan and don't care for the truth but the facts are there for anyone wishing to listen and find out... the problem...
  6. Asking ourselves tough questions.

    What after the 05 trial that you have read has made you doubt? Yes,you probably are being more logical than some fans but I wasn't comparing,rather,just picking from what you are posting. It comes full circle.....spending time and spoiling families could be generous or grooming....that's true...
  7. Asking ourselves tough questions.

    It's a sad shame when fans are questioning the truth when it's not up to MJ or the Estate to prove him innocent,its up to others to prove him guilty,that's a fact,that's the law. So you are admitting that LN has swayed your's a bullshit film made to discredit MJ and for all involved...
  8. Asking ourselves tough questions.

    JS may have looked more convincing but his lies mean nothing?his train station myth,that adult wedding ring story?his mum celebrating MJ's death even though at that time she would have been unaware of any claims of abuse.....MJ was living in NYC in with Lisa Marie for part of their timeline. A...
  9. Asking ourselves tough questions.

    Why all of a sudden change of heart?because of LN? That is actually terrible because these two are liars,its not about repressed memory,its about need to change stories if what you are telling is the truth.....theres too many in LN plus no facts,just sordid sex stories with haunting...
  10. Asking ourselves tough questions.

    Sorry,I was in work and didn't have the time. I have no doubt his childhood did have a bearing on the sleepovers,we all turn into adults from how we are brought up and experiences as kids can define certain things in adulthood. Was his behaviour textbook peadophille?Well if being kind and...
  11. Asking ourselves tough questions.

    @AG5050 Ya can't prove a negative,MJ was innocent,all the facts point to extortion. He seen nothing wrong with families staying with him,it wasn't just kids,he knew he was doing nothing wrong. Your post and thought process seems to be based on the continuous lies told about MJ As I have said to...
  12. Personal MJ Collection and Official Memorabilia Discussion

    A small bit of what I own but certainly amongst my faves.
  13. MJJC Member Pictures !

    Me at Neverland in 1998
  14. Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    I thought there was a pic of them together a few years back.....maybe it was a newer one and I'm mistaken
  15. Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    Can someone help me out with a pic? I know W &J were pictured together as adults,debunking they never met story.....can anyone post that?
  16. Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    Yeah I tried giving them the benefit of doubt.Adios.
  17. Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    There is certainly an awful lot of hatred towards MJ. I mean when it gets to that point you have to wonder what is going on in people's heads that they simply won't accept facts but wholeheartedly will accept LN as proof.
  18. MJ Good News Thread

    Re: MJ good news thread . It was indeed plus Fleur East was on praising MJ.
  19. Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    We knew that scumbag was getting out and you can be almost sure some MJ trash talk will be included.
  20. Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    Weird shit. She said she believed the accusers but they enjoyed being with Michael,so that made them happy plus he had his sexual desires and they are what they are. That's what I read,whether or not anything was taken out of context I don't know.