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  1. Michael Jackson To Unleash World Premiere Experience At Billboard Music Awards

    I liked the performance. Whether it was CGI/impersonator, it doesnt matter to me cuz it wil never be MJ live on stage. what i want is the live version to listen to over and over!
  2. Xscape General Discussion If you order from US amazon it will be the US version. Check the link to see if they ship to our country.
  3. Xscape General Discussion

    I have listened to the album 3 times today and can't get enough of it. I especially love A Place With No Name and Chicago.
  4. iHeartRadio Awards Discussion

    Re: iHeartRadio Awards Discussion & Live Stream Links I like what I've heard so far. I enjoyed the preview with the dancers
  5. Xscape General Discussion

    Re: News and discussion about new MJ album : Xscape, May 13, 2014. I'm excited for this album. I can't wait to preorder it.
  6. Vote For VH1′s Greatest Male Artist! [Poll Closed] Michael wins

    Re: Vote For VH1?s Greatest Male Artist! IMO there is no competition, but I voted anyway:D
  7. Bad 25 - The Lyrics

    So true, those lyrics are just wrong. However, I love trying to cypher the Jacksonese. The best part is listening to the songs over and over.
  8. Say a line from an MJ song that describes you right now.

    Things would go better if you just Hold My Hand
  9. One thing I REALLY appreciate about Michael...

    I agree with everything in this thread. Michael's music provides an escape from whatever you are feeling or going through at the moment. I'm so glad he shared his thoughts and feelings with us.
  10. bad 25 singles

    I don't know if I would like anything else released. If there was some awesome remix of another song off Bad, I would buy it, but I don't think there will be anymore.
  11. The 3 beeps at the end of TWYMMF?

    I never paid attention to them until I saw this thread. I think I heard them, but I was probably sing to hard to notice:yes:
  12. APOM appreciation

    Another Part of Me is my favorite song on Bad. I love the original eo version, album, extended dance mix, and bad tour version. I can't get enough of this song.:wild: Great message and extremely danceable.
  13. Bad 25 - What's your Favourite Song ? ... and why? + Poll

    Al Capone is what I have sung the most. Abortion Papers is right behind for the same reason.
  14. The BAD 25 Remix discussion thread "Speed Demon” by Nero and “Bad” DJ Afrojack.

    I love the Nero mix. I would love for it to have had a big drop and go into the bridge. The afrojack edited version is growing on me. A mix cd and an unreleased demo cd would have been awesome, but what we have is amazing.
  15. Wembley DVD content - discuss Michael, his concert and performance ONLY [discussion ]

    Re: BAD 25 Demo's unreleased, unheard Studio songs Discussion [previews added] I enjoy both Al Capone and Smooth Criminal, but there is no debate on which is more polished and should be on the album. Smooth Criminal suggests the same ideas of Al Capone without t being explicit about what...
  16. Wembley DVD content - discuss Michael, his concert and performance ONLY [discussion ]

    Re: Not the original album then..? I wish it was. I grew up on the 1st pressing, so when I heard the 2001 cd, I was surprised. I love the spoken intro to IJCSLY with good had phones it seems like he is only talking to me:) But, alas it is not, and it is the best these songs have ever sounded.
  17. Bad 25 - The Lyrics

    I took what mjChris did and fixed the words to what is in bold. The only two parts I'm not completely certain on are "room as cold as ice" and "poked an eye". I've listened to this over and over:wild::woohoo: Al Capone (1985, written by Michael Jackson) Why did you let him get away After...
  18. Do you consider Michael to be an official Michael Jackson album?

    This is a good question because I really enjoy the album. The only thing that hold it back is that Michael didn't finish it himself. So I would have to agree with the majority that it is an official product, but not in the line of official albums.
  19. Captain EO won't GO

    I just got back from Disney World and this was one of my highlights. I hope it stays for a long time.