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  1. Nora75

    Michael Jackson changed me

    I feel exactly the same as from spain and for me he is still alive in my heart..i still can feel his energy..hes everywhere and we all the fans know it..he loved us as part of him thats all and its all for Love guys.. With love..forever Michael
  2. Nora75

    How old are you

    Im actually 46!! In love with Michael since I was 14..
  3. Nora75

    How Are You Feeling Today?

    As love with MJ...
  4. Nora75

    Where are you from?

    Hola! Im from Spain
  5. Nora75

    Getting to Know You!

    The same as me! Im from Spain and MJ came on and went away from my life since I was a little girl! but I finally realized that he came into my life when I needed him the most...It seems to me I know him since always! Its amazing! with love..
  6. Nora75

    Getting to Know You!

    Hello! My name is Laura and Im from Spain. Ive been a MJs fan since I was a little girl! a long time ago! Im 46 and I remember dancing Thriller at school and then came Bad..and such amazing performances! I love Michael not only for his music and how he dances but I love him for being such a...