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  1. YoDogs102

    She Drives Me Wild or Can't Let Her Get Away?

    I definitely like She Drives Me Wild, especially the second half of the so g. But Can’t Let Her Get Away just slaps so hard the WHOLE song, just absolutely amazing. And the ad libs at the end just sends it!
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    What's your Short Film Headcanon? [Open for Everyone to Participate!]

    :hellooo: Hi everyone! So this isn't a story but it is fiction writing to an extent. I've always had a lot of fun thinking about how some of the songs could be connected, how different characters from different short films can interact, or fun beginnings or endings to the stories in Michael's...
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    The Fanfic Cliches thread.

    I am cackling at this thread, this is all so good and hilarious haha! My pet peeve is when writers use Ghosts' setting just to have an excuse to be "not like other girls" and have sex with Maestro. Ghosts has such a cool message, story, cast, and atmosphere and it makes me so disappointed that...
  4. YoDogs102

    Questlove's AllJacksonEverything Series

    Hi everyone! A couple of weeks ago, Questlove - famous DJ and drummer for the band The Roots - hosted a series of DJ sessions for all music from the Jackson family. :blush: He had several days and different themes for some of the days (like the first day is Samples and Covers while the last day...
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    Who else is LGBTQ+ here? Also Happy Pride Month!

    Yeah I can totally see that happening haha! Squish is a fun word, I haven’t heard it in quite some time, but I love that it’s applicable for you! I have such a mix of emotions about Michael that sometimes it’s easier to be like okaaayyy we’re going to take a quick break with something else and...
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    Who else is LGBTQ+ here? Also Happy Pride Month!

    Hey y'all! Wishing everyone a happy Pride month, even with the layers of layers of things happening around the world. I've been thinking about this post for a long time and I'm finally just going to go ahead and bite the bullet :fear: Anyone else here a gay woman who is still head over heels...
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    IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: It's Time To Start Sharing The Burden...

    Bumping this because I had no idea there was a Patreon or that there was so much swimming around this.
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    Name That Michael Jackson Song A-Z

  9. YoDogs102

    Esperanza Spalding

    Cuerpo y Alma, Ponta de Areia, and Crowned and Kissed are some of my absolute favorites by her! Her I Can't Help It is also absolutely amazing and I simply love the video. It's so good, so so good. I'm also a fan of a lot of lofi and trip hop music so I absolutely love this Fall In remix by...
  10. YoDogs102

    Latoya Jackson

    I just saw LaToya on Worst Cooks of America: Celebrity Edition (I think it's a few seasons old), but honestly it was really fun seeing her. I remember when she went on to Celebrity Apprentice and did pretty decently and then had Life with LaTyoa and it was nice seeing her around and working. I...
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    The Music of Janet Damita Jo (Janet appreciation thread)

    I just spent today listening to a lot of Janet's music and it just truly is incredible. She's so great in her own right. I couldn't eat my dinner for like 15 mins because I was too busy jamming out to Funky Big Band and I've spent 5 hours at work only listening to When I Think of You. Just...
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    What Does Your Username Mean?

    I made this username a while ago like 10 years ago now (yeesh wow!) and at the time I just really wanted to convey goofiness and a sort of welcoming personality. I chose to use it again because I’ve so thoroughly associated that account with being involved in the MJ fandom that it would be...
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    Kids still love mj

    Yes, love it, you can see that you love and care about what you're doing! Keep doing you and keep teaching the next generation!
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    Reconnecting: Newbie wondering if anyone is from MJJEternal?

    I'm sorry I'm just seeing this now but yes omg!! This is so great, this makes me so happy haha! Yes, I've been doing well, going through life and all, how have you been? Have you been on other forums since then or have you just sprung back into the mix of things like I have?
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    How Long Have You Been an MJ Fan?

    I was casually fan starting in like 2005 or something, you know liked his music, didn't know much else. 2009 hit and I deep dived into everything, joined a different community, learned a lot of stuff and just put my heart into it. It's been a great time!
  16. YoDogs102

    Reconnecting: Newbie wondering if anyone is from MJJEternal?

    Thank you for the warm welcome! I really enjoyed my time on MJJE so I'm really excited for this come around :D
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    Reconnecting: Newbie wondering if anyone is from MJJEternal?

    Hello all! :clap: Coming back to the fandom is such a wild experience. I don't even really know where to begin so apologies if this post is a little wandering. I recently went to a show by Who's Bad, the MJ Tribute Band, and they were amazing and so so good. It reminded me of all the time I...