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  1. rolerprod

    where can i get HQ pics of mj from the 2006 world music awards?

    im looking for pictures from the moment where he was about to walk off stage after singing and the choir just wrapped around him and he was holding his fist in the air,that moment gives me goosebumps and i want that picture as my wallpaper but i cant find anything good on google photos so i...
  2. rolerprod

    anyone have a screenshot or remmember the this is it setlist pool on

    i been looking all over online and i can't find it anywhere in 2009 after mj started rehearsals he put up on a bunch of his songs like 42 i think for fans to vote on the one's they want to hear. and i really want to see what songs were on the pool... if anyone have a screen...
  3. rolerprod

    what do you think about my trailer?

    first of all its just 1:20 of a video and its preety funny to me notice my finger in the start give me some feedback :P