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  1. dethorro

    Who is the Ronnie in ''Free''?

    I have been wondering this for the longest time but couldn't find anything about it on the internet. Who is Michael talking to at the end of Free when he laughs and says: ''Ronnie, you are so silly''?
  2. dethorro

    The 1983 Unauthorized Interview - What do we know about it?

    I have a lot of questions regarding this interview and I can't seem to find much about it online. This is all I know about it: -It was probably shot in late September - early October 1983. -It was shot at the Encino home. -It was released in 1991. Now, my questions are: -Who exactly was...
  3. dethorro

    Michael's tight schedule in 1979

    I was looking at the Destiny Tour page on Wikipedia and it says that the Destiny Tour started on January 22nd 1979 and that the 1st leg ended on June 10th 1979. The Jacksons performed 73 concerts all over Europe, South Africa and the United States during this first leg (plus an additional 56...
  4. dethorro

    When were these vocals recorded?

    On the Immortal version of Will You Be There they used a different vocal take for some parts of the first verse. When were these vocals recorded? Are they from a different take, recorded on the same day as the one on the album, or a take from 2009 recorded for This Is It (since his voice sounds...
  5. dethorro

    Did Michael Bush also make a gold version of the Bad Tour outfit?

    Is this really one of the versions of the costume that was made by Michael Bush? I've never seen him talk about it. He always mentions: black, silver, red and blue
  6. dethorro

    Why wasn't Greg Phillinganes the musical director of the HIStory Tour?

    Greg Phillinganes started working with Michael/The Jacksons in 1978 and he later worked on Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad and Dangerous. He was the musical director for the Bad Tour, the first leg of the Dangerous Tour and the 30th Anniversary show. So what happened in 1993? Why wasn't he the...
  7. dethorro

    Did the Estate plan to release the Triumph Tour in 2010?

    I found this article from back in 2010. In it, the author writes about a possible release of a film in the style of This Is It....... about the Triumph Tour with never before seen rehearsal footage. Apparently, one of the people who worked on this is Ron Newt. Do you guys think that the estate...
  8. dethorro

    1984 Pepsi Commercial in 4K

    This guy on Twitter got a hold of the 35mm film reels of the commercial and he did a 4K scan of it. Here are a few pictures he posted:
  9. dethorro

    REQ: This Is It Center Staging Rare Photo

    I was looking for a picture of Michael from Center Staging that I saw a couple of years ago. Michael was wearing orange pants and knee pads. He didn't have any sunglasses on and as far as I can remember, he had a black/silver blazer on. Does anyone have it?
  10. dethorro

    Royal Brunei 1996 Bad Tour Version

    MJBeats posted a rare picture of a rehearsal for the Royal Brunei show and MJ is wearing the Bad Tour outfit: The original set list was supposed to be: 01. Jam 02. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ 03. Another Part Of Me 04...
  11. dethorro

    Was there ever a plan for a ‘Thriller Tour’?

    I was thinking about you guys think that Michael would have toured for ‘Thriller’ if the ‘Victory Tour’ didn’t happen? Did Michael even want to tour or was the promotion campaign supposed to stop completely after the ‘Thriller’ short film?
  12. dethorro

    HIStory 25 [MERGED]

    I know that most of us lost our hopes in regards to 25th anniversary releases when the estate didn’t release anything for the anniversary of ‘Dangerous’ back in 2016. But....MAYBE.....they will do something this year for HIStory. -The most likely option would be the release of the...
  13. dethorro

    WYBT Monza 1992

    Monza 1992 Just some picture I have never seen before. Michael wears that necklace that he only wore for the first couple of shows.
  14. dethorro

    August 26th 1988 Wembley IJSCLY

    This is one of the concerts from the ‘Bad Tour’ that I haven’t seen people talk about that much. There is a moment in particular that has always caught my attention when listening to this show: the band doesn’t end ‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You’ the way they did in all the other 2nd leg shows...
  15. dethorro

    Dangerous Tour planned songs

    I found this on Wikipedia: ''The theme "Give in to me", was one of the modifications that were had in the structure of the show, for its official closure in the United States, but they were only included in two presentations of Mexico City, it should be mentioned that also I planned to include...