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  1. 8701girl

    sims 4 game

    Was wondering if any of ypou play sims 4? i used to but tryimg to download it now
  2. 8701girl

    The Epic Thread of Random-ness [MERGED]

    Finally found this thread THANK YOU LORD!
  3. 8701girl

    Say It In Four Words

    Sick of this shit
  4. 8701girl

    What are you doing this very second?

    listening to mj
  5. 8701girl

    What Are You Listening To?

    mj chimpmunk style!
  6. 8701girl

    New MJ content (Possibility)

    Apperately someone found a list of ''new songs'' but looks to be fake and im sick n tired of people making this shit up
  7. 8701girl

    Michael - The Great Album Debate

    wtf is this!?
  8. 8701girl

    Michael - The Great Album Debate

    Yes unfortnately
  9. 8701girl

    New MJ content (Possibility)

    Mjs streaming on spotify is off the hook and youtube as well
  10. 8701girl

    New MJ content (Possibility)

    This better not be fake otherwise i will go mad:mad:
  11. 8701girl

    How Are You Feeling Today?

  12. 8701girl

    MJJC Never Ending Party Thread

    Im getting the dangerous vinyl next week cant wait
  13. 8701girl

    [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    Wade has to pay 1000k to the estate hahaha
  14. 8701girl

    I’ve had it with the estate!!!

    I loved that cd too I had it but lost it
  15. 8701girl

    I’ve had it with the estate!!!

    I've had it with the estate too