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    “How Michael Jackson Altered the Sensations of Racism” by Willa Stillwater

    Willa Stillwater recently published a 4-part series on Medium, entitled “How Michael Jackson Altered the Sensations of Racism”: Part 1: Can You Feel It? Part 2: Are You Scared Yet? Part 3: Am I the Beast You Visualized? Part 4: Did I Scare You? It’s a long but very rewarding read...
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    Current MJ Related Twitter Trends And Rallies

    This thread is a place to notify forum users of currently ongoing MJ related hashtag rallies and Twitter trends. If you notice that an MJ related hashtag is trending, or a Twitter rally is happening, just post it here. :) Right now, Brazil has started trending WHOS BAD 33 (without a # in...
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    New Fan Made Documentary “Loving Neverland” (YouTube Release: 2020-08-26)

    Trailer: YouTube description: --- "I'm taking back everything they took from me in Leaving Neverland. I'm gonna take back the 'Neverland' name. I'm not gonna let them dirty up a name. Cause Neverland was where some of the most charitable stuff was done". ~ Taj Jackson #LovingNeverland is a...
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    “The Wiz” Appreciation Thread

    The Wiz is an underappreciated gem in MJ’s body of work, in my opinion. 19 years old, for the first time away from home on his own, Michael had the time of his life in the Big Apple, playing the Scarecrow in this Black adaptation of the Wizard of Oz at the side of Diana Ross, starring as...
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    Hyperbaric Chamber & Elephant Man Bones

    In this thread, let’s try to find evidence whether or not MJ (or his camp) has really planted those stories in the media, as often claimed. Please post actual evidence, no matter which side you are on. No claim or quote without source. I wasn’t able to find any credible source to...
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    Post a comic strip or meme that describes your life right now

    This is so me. :laughing: How about you? :)
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    SiriusXM exclusive Michael Jackson channel

    Now more than ever, enjoy The King of Pop’s iconic music on The Michael Jackson Channel July 15, 2020 SiriusXM’s exclusive Michael Jackson channel — featuring the best of the King of Pop — will give you the perfect soundtrack for dancing or rocking the night away when...
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    The Siedah Garrett Appreciation Thread

    I noticed we didn’t have a thread for Siedah’s work outside of her collaborations with MJ. Let’s kick it off with an article about her new single “The New Frontier (Say Their Names)”, the proceeds from which will be donated to Black Lives Matter...
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    Black Lives Matter – A thread to talk about the movement

    Let’s start a conversation about the actual movement here, not about how MJ’s songs are a part of it. I’ll start with a video that I think gets the main problems across very well, especially for people outside the USA who have trouble understanding the magnitude of the issue...
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    Mini-Tutorial: How to post photos to the Forum, using Imgur

    People asked me repeatedly via direct message how to post photos here, so I thought I’d make a small tutorial about how I do it. There are many different ways, of course. I’m usually posting from my computer using Imgur (it’s great because you can post without opening an...
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    Björk Appreciation Thread

    Björk is a big MJ fan, so she more than deserves her own thread here! :) Let’s share a few of our favorite Björk music videos and performances here for others to discover. I’m starting with one of my all time favorite shows at the Riverside Church in NYC in 2001. A very intimate...
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    Jennifer Batten Remembers Time With MJ (Video Mini-Series)

    #1 "K So This One Time OK" launch of life stories. Ready Go! #2 K SO THIS ONE TIME Michael Jackson tour wardrobe malfunctions, a moonwalking chimpanzee and more #3 K SO THIS ONE TIME _"Beat It" solo and Michael Jackson audition
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    Peter Gabriel Appreciation Thread

    Peter Gabriel released two concert films on Vimeo, asks for donations to fight coronavirus <iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href="">Peter...
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    Director Vinod AK's debut film Moonwalk is ode to Michael Jackson

    The article doesn’t mention a release date. Sounds like it’s going to be a good movie. Does anyone know more about this? Can someone from India perhaps tell us more? :) Director Vinod AK's debut film Moonwalk is ode to Michael Jackson Filmmaker Vinod AK talks about making Moonwalk, a...
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    New Michael Jackson Documentary “Panther” coming in 2021

    Watch the first trailer. :) <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr"><a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#MJFam</a> a new MJ documentary is in the works. From what we know now, it is going to be about the Dangerous Era &#128515; and...
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    Articles/Videos discussing MJ’s art (post them here)

    Inspired by this wonderful thread I thought it was a great idea to start a collection of articles and videos that focus on discussing MJ’s art. Make a new post for every item you share. I’ll start with three in a row, to get things rolling. === ClassicFM Let’s take a moment to enjoy...
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    How do you organize your digital MJ collection?

    I’m interested to hear about how you all deal with clutter in your digital MJ collection. How do you handle the massive amount of photos, videos, and newspaper articles you have collected on your hard drives over the years? How do you use folders, tags, apps, naming conventions etc. to keep...
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    The Woody Allen Allegations

    As the topic has been brought up in another thread, I decided to post the following article here. It&#8217;s not meant to be proof of anything, it&#8217;s merely a starting point for your own investigations, should you feel the need to know more about the Woody Allen allegations. Personally, I...
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    Earth Song Art Collaboration

    Every artists chose a lyric of the last part of the song and illustrated it: Source: @Charenel_art on Twitter <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Some of them are on Instagram <br>5)@powerlawnoise <a...
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    My Life in China During Coronavirus (Documentary by Danny Wu)

    Danny Wu (of Square One) made a short documentary about his time in China during the coronavirus outbreak.