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  1. dethorro

    Michaels 90s live performances are overrated

    There’s so much that goes into being an artist. You can not reduce it to whether or not someone is singing live or lip-synching. That doesn’t change anything…it doesn’t take away from the fact that that person is talented. All of the artists you have mentioned and do not consider “real artists”...
  2. dethorro

    New MJ content (Possibility)

    A documentary similar to Get Back would be awesome for sure! However, I doubt that they have that much film footage from the Bad sessions. It seems like only the Just Good Friends and the IJCSLY/Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu sessions were filmed. That wouldn't be enough to ''tell the whole story'' imo...
  3. dethorro

    What was the CONFIRMED final set list for This Is It?

    What did you expect from his first concert in over 12 years? Him performing Speed Demon and Who Is It live whilst sitting in a chair? Do you think any artist would perform deep cuts at such an important comeback show? With regards to the lip-synching: he actually expressed that he wanted to...
  4. dethorro

    Could the Dangerous Album Have Been Better?

    Nah, that's not how it works. As long as you write a melody - doesn't matter if it's a bass line, the vocal melody or a guitar melody - you are at the very least a co-composer of that particular track. Do you think Lennon and McCartney composed every bit of the arrangement on ''Eleanor Rigby''...
  5. dethorro

    New MJ content (Possibility)

    I disagree. The Silk Sonic record is phenomenal and every track on it is very well put together. Their attention to detail is remarkable. The album deservedly received acclaim from critics and the general public. How is Ed Sheeran's album the best out of the bunch? It's pretty bland, especially...
  6. dethorro

    What would This Is It have most likely looked like

    Possibly. I think the setlist would have changed somewhat as the shows went on. Seeing as Bad is one of Michael's biggest hits, I can see him deciding to throw it in the setlist for a couple of shows once in a while. It seems like they were trying to ''improvise'' more with This Is It and not...
  7. dethorro

    What would This Is It have most likely looked like

    Off The Wall was initially going to be included in the medley but was later taken out (possibly before the rehearsals at The Forum started). There is no proof that You Rock My World was ever going to be a part of the show.
  8. dethorro

    Michael’s best vocal performance is…?

    According to you, right? I don’t understand why you have to present everything in such a bad light. Michael started to use pitch correction because that became the norm in the music industry around that time. Everybody started using it. Doesn’t mean that he couldn’t hold notes for a longer time...
  9. dethorro

    Miscellaneous Michael J. Jackson - MMJJ

    There is a song on the new Silk Sonic album, which came out today, called ''777'' and there are two MJ references in it.
  10. dethorro

    New MJ content (Possibility)

    Which will be a part of their album not his. Edit: According to Billboard it is still unclear whether the collab will appear on The Dawn or on the upcoming Swedish House Mafia album.
  11. dethorro

    New MJ content (Possibility)

    It could be any song from the new album - The Dawn. Doesn't have to be an MJ collab.
  12. dethorro

    MJJC Exclusive Q&A with TRAVIS PAYNE (Choreographer to MJ) - Submit your questions

    Some questions about This Is It: Were there any plans to perform new music during the This Is It residency? Did Michael mention any new songs that he was working on and that he was excited to perform live? Were there plans to bring a fan onstage during You Are Not Alone? How long did...
  13. dethorro

    Has Wanna Be Startin Somethin ever been performed in it's entirety?

    He almost always sang the 3rd verse. The 2nd verse: was the one he sang on rare occasions. He did, for example, during one of the MSG 1988 shows.
  14. dethorro

    The Jacksons Attending a BAD Tour Concert

    That's not true. On the picture he is wearing the pants he wore from June 1988 until January 1989. His hair is also longer than it was in March. It looks like January 1989 to me, but I could be wrong.
  15. dethorro

    Do you think Michael would have written another autobiographical book if he was alive?

    Thanks for this! I've never seen this video before. It certainly sounds like an interview from the mid 80s and he even says ''but please don't write that'' which could mean that it was indeed an interview for the book.
  16. dethorro

    Artistic Decisions in Michael Jackson's Career That Are Questionable

    Whether or not he actually wanted to retire from music, we can't know for sure. He did however state after the last Bad Tour show that it was his last concert. According to this report he wanted to focus more on making movies:
  17. dethorro

    What song does Michael Sing?

    It's actually part of a commercial for the sunscreen brand ''Bain de Soleil''. (0:06)
  18. dethorro

    Unpopular opinions about MJ’s music?

    There are songs that he wrote by himself which are very musically complex. Childhood has 35 different chords...that's a lot! Heal the World has 18, Speechless has 13 and even though this isn't a fan favourite - The Lost Children has 17 different chords. Of course, a lot of his 'poppier' songs...
  19. dethorro

    Detailed list of unreleased songs that could be released

    To answer to you: It isn't impossible that he recorded vocals on that day, just very unlikely. He did however try on most of the Zaldy outfits on that day. Maybe he recorded some scratch vocals.