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    What some people might not know about Brian May is that (1) he built his own guitar, and (2) a few years ago he got a PhD in astrophysics...
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    The Beatles!

    Ok, I didnt read the whole thread yet, so I don't know if anybody else posted this, but during the last European date of the Bad tour, the show in Aintree, Liverpool, which I think was also the biggest show of the tour, the band played a medley of Beatles songs as the groove instrumental...
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    What you think about the 30th Anniversary concerts?

    I said that because it is. As you've hinted at, that was deliberate. By design. It's as though they just looked up whoever had had a #1 hit on Billboard and called them up. I'm sure other people from the UK have heard of Usher. But he's just not big. Especially with my age group. Or, dare I...
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    What do you want to see from the Estate? (fans wishlist thread)

    Yeah, I was thinking of stuff they could actually do. If there's no behind the scenes footage, then there's no behind the scenes footage. But as long as the director is still alive, you could record that today.
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    What you think about the 30th Anniversary concerts?

    I don't know what to say. I think even when I was 10 I didn't care about who was number 1 in the pop charts. I definitely didn't by the time I got to 20. Plus by that time, I didn't watch TV, didn't listen to the radio, didn't read music magazines. I'm not gonna Google anything because that...
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    Bad World Tour: US leg vs European leg

    Liverpool Aintree is an interesting one. I believe it was the biggest show of the whole Bad tour. Plus it included a Beatles medley. Maybe a hybrid release that has every song from a different concert. Look at Pearl Jam's "Touring Band" DVD. This is the correct answer. Although really, it's...
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    What you think about the 30th Anniversary concerts?

    No worries. I didn't say it had to be. The question was asked why I didn't like the show. That's the reason I didn't like it. It's fine. Again, Amerocentric. He might have been highly successful in America. Elsewhere, not so much. In the 2000s I was mostly going to rock clubs, not listening to...
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    Improving MJ stuff on Wikipedia

    Latest project is to improve this: This one's quite fun. Some interesting things missing: there are no cover songs from 1974, 1978, 1987 or 2017. Anybody know of any?
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    What you think about the 30th Anniversary concerts?

    I meant: Usher Mýa Billy Gilman Rayvon and Rikrok Monica, Al Jarreau, Jill Scott and Deborah Cox James Ingram Marc Anthony Monica, Tamia, Mýa, Deborah Cox and Rah Digga Cassandra Wilson Lil' Romeo and Master P 98 Degrees Aaron Carter Jason Paige Literally don't know any of...
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    Country Music
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    What you think about the 30th Anniversary concerts?

    It's clearly just TV promo. I barely know any of the guests. It's not long enough to count as a live performance. And for me, he lipsyncs too much for the event to be taken seriously. Needed a few more songs from Invincible as well.
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    This Is It Setlist

    I don't remember voting for a setlist. I remember voting for the KoP CD tracklist.
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    What do you want to see from the Estate? (fans wishlist thread)

    I realise that. Maybe it's because you couldn't get Bad and Dangerous! They only cost more because of scaling. If more people buy it the price comes down. Anyway, lots of people bought (and are still buying) stuff like the Number Ones DVD. Could have had 5.1 mixes on that. That's the beauty...
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    Improving MJ stuff on Wikipedia

    ^ ok, I've added at least one song to each key, apart from the following: D-flat major D-flat minor F-sharp/G-flat Anybody know of any songs? Also, we could fill in the last column of the tracklist for: It's the...
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    What Jackson 5 songs would you put on an acapella album?

    Many of you will have heard of "The Stripped Mixes", which is a compilation released by Motown in 2009. It got me thinking - would there be demand for a similar project of simple acapella mixes? Imagine it was well done (none of this ten song nonsense that only lasts for 30 minutes, imagine it...
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    J5 backing vocals in brothers early solo songs?

    I'd be curious to know about "Got to Be There", "Maria", "We've Got a Good Thing Going", "In Our Small Way", "Euphoria" and "We've Got Forever".
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    Three Jacksons' albums will be re-released with bonus songs and the Live will be re-issued

    There's no excuse though. It's not about "not being the worst". It's about being the best. When you're buying a second copy of something you've already paid for, why settle for something that isn't as good as the previous version? It's not ok just because you can find a version that's even...
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    What do you want to see from the Estate? (fans wishlist thread)

    Yeah, but people like to own stuff. Plus those aren't in multichannel. I think it's a shame: after all, MJ was a pioneer in this area (Black Or White was the world's first music video in Dolby Surround). Imagine the choir in Keep The Faith in 5.1. Or the news clips in HIStory all coming from...