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  1. christophe

    Weekends Daily News Jan 8 - 10 (Update on Post #35 for Jan 10, 2010) Iphone tribute

    Tribute to Michael on the iPhone Today, fans of Michael Jackson who have an iPod or an iPod touch will have the canhce to discover a new application on the AppStore. It's the first TRIBUTE-BOOK to the King of Pop. Writen by belgian fan Christophe from MJBackstage, this e-Book will give you a...
  2. christophe

    Tito performance

    Hey Hello Please let us know what you think. There's a short video from YouTube posted on you have the chance to be able to see him opn stage. I know he will be singing MJ and J5 songs. but will he also perform on his own songs ? Like "big legged lady", "i...
  3. christophe

    ETERNEL : beautifull tribute magazine to the King of Pop (in french)

    Hey, did someone who already get it could post here his opinion ? best
  4. christophe

    ETERNEL : beautifull tribute magazine to the King of Pop (in french)

    MooNW@lker, let me know when you recieved it. probably next week ! Best
  5. christophe

    ETERNEL : beautifull tribute magazine to the King of Pop (in french)

    Hello Claudio. That's your choice. I can understand. This is a fan trubute for the fans. It include great pictures. That was our way to make a tribute to our king of pop. We are doing fanzine since more than 10 years in Belgium. And Michael knew us, and we know family members. Our goal isn't to...
  6. christophe

    ETERNEL : beautifull tribute magazine to the King of Pop (in french)

    Hey, No. It's a private tribute by fans for fans only. Made by belgian fan club... It contains 44 pages full of color, rare and never seen pics. And a lot of tributes, comments froms stars and fans about the King of Pop. Although it's in french, i think it's a great item for fans. It's a...
  7. christophe

    ETERNEL : beautifull tribute magazine to the King of Pop (in french)

    i find it is !! coming soon more images of the magazine ! It's a limited edition: so do not wait to order it !
  8. christophe

    ETERNEL : beautifull tribute magazine to the King of Pop (in french)

    ETERNEL : because Michael will never die !!! Because Michael Jackson is a Legend and because Legends never die, MJBackstage team created a full color magazine as a tribute to the King. Called "Eternel", this magazine in french (!) will bring to the fans a intimate focus on Michael's life and...
  9. christophe

    Do U have a icture with MJ and want to be published?

    Hello My name is Christophe. I'm working for belgian frenchspeaking fan club MJBackstage ( and i'm currently working on a tribute magazine for Michael. A magazine who will be send to the Jackson family, too. I want to make the best tribute for Michael. For this, i'm looking...
  10. christophe

    Jermain JACKSON and Janet in Nice

    On may 25th, Janet and her brother jermaine were spotted in Nice, France. See pictures on MJBackstage They were there for vacations, following sources. but we do not have more ifos. Jermaine was also there with girlfriend Halima.
  11. christophe

    Tito Jackson on Celebrity Juice 29th April 2009

    Does anyone has screenshot of this ? :)
  12. christophe

    Marlon, Tito and Dealz visited Gary (Indiana) last week !

    Marlon and Tito Jackson were on monday may 18th in there hometown, Gary, Indiana. "We are just visiting ... filming some footage to put in the family vault," Marlon said as Tito smiled while taking another nibble of food, in a restaurant. The brothers, along with their nephew Sigmund "Siggy"...
  13. christophe

    Best records shops in TOKYO ? HELP, please

    Hello, I'm currently going to Japan for some holidays. i'm a big Jackson fan and a collector. I love LP's, 7'', 12'' and merchandising too. About Michael, but also the whole Jackson family. I was wondering if somebody here knows great shops in Tokyo, or Kyoto, Or Hiroshima where i will be...
  14. christophe

    Jackie Jackson "cruzin"

    yeah Jackie is a great writer and producer. He also wrote Torture. He's a good artist !!! Do not forget it ;)
  15. christophe

    Do you knkow M.D.P.?

    Hello everybody. Most of you do not know about M.D.P. (modern day poets). that's the name of a group founded by Marlon Jackson Jr (the son of marlon and Carole) with his friend Patrick. They are doing hip-hop sound. Marlon Jr is doing the music. Patrick the lyrics and vocal parts. Together...
  16. christophe

    BLOG - On Austin's upcoming music

    That's really cool. i remember the short snippets from Austin and i liked it. He has a great voice and good beats. So his album must be good ;) Chris
  17. christophe

    any news on jackie's son?

    Hi Dutchy Girl, i didn't took anything from anyone. I only build a website about dealz: this website was first in french. And due to the requests of english fans we opened the thing in both english en french. At the time we opened it, Dealzmusic was already not updated and longtime without...
  18. christophe

    any news on jackie's son?

    Dealz is still working on the album, i think. He released his Mixtape" for DJ's and radios in the summer (2007)... Maybe you could update your links with ;) But seems true jackson children are looking for great record companies to produce them... 2Bad
  19. christophe

    JACKSONS NY party in Atlanta (photo??)

    Hey Dutchie :-) Well maybe to promote my website ;) Ok next time i'll put them here. but you know, we need to explain fans (e,glish speaking fans) that MJBackstage isn't only a french website. We have an english section too since a few weeks. So we need fans to see it so they discover it. But...
  20. christophe

    JACKSONS NY party in Atlanta (photo??)

    Hello Now we have some pictures: have a look @MJBackstage website Take care Chris