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  1. lubyss

    This Is It Setlist

    Hi there :-) ;) I´ve been thinking about this today, when I was listening to the fanmade TII concert where the setlist really left me speechless... We all know the original setlist in the last stage that Johnatan or other member of the band had posted some yrs ago. If you remember, we could...
  2. lubyss

    Which Dangerous version do you like better?

    As the title of the thread say, which dangerous performance do you like better? Please don´t judge cause of Michaels energy or good dancing, but judge on the structure of the song, cause every version is unique... So only the strucutre of the song. For me it is 2009 version. 93 is good, I...
  3. lubyss

    imagine already released material in a new coat?

    Hi there, I´ve been thinking this idea about a year or two and want to know your opinion. It´s been already six years from releasing something new, new music, new songs… I understand that estate is saying there are just a few finished or usable song for the next album or two, but who...
  4. lubyss

    Is here anyone frome Rome?

    Hi, I suggest this is a wrong thread or section but I need really help. Tommorow I travel to Italy and Rome especially to Colloseum. When I am There, is There any mzaic store Where I can buy the digipacks that were releaaed only in Italy I thi k aeound 2014? Or any music LP store Where can I buy...
  5. lubyss

    IS Dangerous performance from 2002 edited?

    Hey… First in first I love this performance even it is not with the best energy, but this audio version is the best for me… I´ve noticed in this video something strange… If...
  6. lubyss

    Heal The World vs We´ve Had Enough

    So, I decided to do this pool (my first pool ever, so I hope everything is made right). Lets try to compare those two songs, vocals, lyrics, meaning and message. Lets forget that HTW is a single from Dangerous and is well know and WHE not. To me, WHE wins in all way. Especially the lyrics and...
  7. lubyss

    Are there any Italian fans? I have one question...

    Hi, I´m from Czech republic and I would like to go on vacation to Italy... I am also a collector and I realised that in 2014 there were some Italian reissues of MJs albums in digipacks and I would love to have them. Now the question. Were they sold only for a limited time, or if I´ll go...
  8. lubyss

    Where is 2000 watts forum?

    Hi, Does anybody know what happened? IDK if this is the right section to ask, but I can´t find any mention about that... :/
  9. lubyss

    MY Speed painting video

    Hello, I would like to share with you my speed painting of Michael from Scream short film.... Hope you´ll enjoy it :)
  10. lubyss

    Is there anyone with english as the first language?

    Hello, First in first, I would like to tell you that my english is not perfect. And I´m asking you for help. Today my boss asked me a question, if I can check his letter in English, but I don´t want to make any mistakes... Please can anybody help me to gramatically correct this one ? I would...
  11. lubyss

    PLEASE HELP. I need original photo of this one (MJ + GaGa)

    Hi, I need this photo as soon as possible... This is fake, but I need the real one with Mike. I saw it but can´t find it anywhere... it would be amazing if you can help me please...
  12. lubyss

    "Privacy" appreciation thread

    As ITC, speechless or SIM, here is a thread for Privacy from Invincible. I love the song so much. It is a lot deeper than DS and the production of Privacy is so great. Slash solo and Michaels deep voice. I really love his deep voice. :)
  13. lubyss

    My paintings of Michael

    Hey guys :-) I just thought that I could share my art here... I love popart and I love Michael... Actually I don´t like to paint normal portraits... it has no artistic value:) But I used to do regular portraits before I explored poparts water... All of them are handpainted by me, acrylics...
  14. lubyss

    New video - Me and Billie Jean... Tribute show

    Here is my new video from Billie Jean. I just got it even it is about year old performance... It is not perfect but It was my biggest show (6000 people attending) and Was a bit nervous and exhausted. Billie Jean and Man In The Mirror were two last songs of 1 and half hour show... Feel free to...
  15. lubyss

    Me dancing to Smooth Criminal

    Hi, I was just wondering and woud like to hear your opinion to my Smooth Criminal performance. I take everything, esspecially constrcuctive critic :-)
  16. lubyss

    My GIVE IN TO ME painting

    Hi, I just finished my Give ib To Me painting. It is made with acrylics on canvas. It is 15.5 x 15.5 inches big and it is availible FOR SALE... :-) I hope you like it :)
  17. lubyss

    Original BEAT IT painting for sale

    Hi, I offer you my handmade original painting of BEAT IT... It is 50x40 cm big (15,7 x 19,6 inch) Original handmade acrylic painting on canvas. The shoulders are glittered and shiny. If you´re interrested please contact me by PM
  18. lubyss

    REQ: do we have original photo? HIstory tour /BOW

    Hi, I am looking for the photo on the front cover of this DVD... Anybody help me?
  19. lubyss

    REQ: Looking for pictures from Oprah interview not labeled

    Hi, I am looking for some pictures (maybe hq) without any label or tag... :-) I have some, but I need more to do a DVD cover :-) Because I translated it into our language :-)
  20. lubyss

    Do we have more photos from this photoshoot? in 1995

    Him I was wondering, if there are some other photos from this photosession? :) Thanks for helping