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    Sochi 2014: Coomes & Buckland free dance to MJ Video: :woohoo:
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    Where is this in private home movies?!!! :in_love:
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    Rare Footage Brazil > Making of the video "They don't care about us" - February 11, 1996

    Rare Footage Brazil > Making of the video "They don't care about us" - February 11, 1996 OMG!!! :woohoo:
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    Janet Jackson will be honored at the gala for amfAR 2014
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    NEW MATERIAL: MJ History Tour Rehearsals 1996

    I had never seen: Part 1 1jHO7LO_l-s :woohoo: Unfortunately some parts of the video is muted. :( It seems that soon will be released the part 2 of the rehearsals as it is written in the video description. :o Waiting.... :timer...
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    1994 > MJ Voice Training With Seth Riggs

    gJAR7WITvwI :woohoo: And............ A great interview with Seth about Michael in 2010: SdSKeVMB7MA :girl_sigh:
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    Brazilian girl launches video anti World Cup and draws attention abroad

    MVrFVCqbW5s 1.000% agree!!!! :clapping: That is the sad reality of Brazil. :( *big sigh*
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    Interview Joe Vogel BY King Jordan TALK SHOW December 5 (Thursday at 12:00 am) :wild: P.S. That is the correct date > This Wensday 9pm es/6pmwest Dec 4th
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    Auction > MJ's personal unreleased composition "La Mia" "Michael gave this recording to a close friend and personal assistant whose family was very close to Michael for many years, travelling all over the world with him." >>>>>> Cascios...
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    The Ellen DeGeneres Show (November, 25) > Lady Gaga Talks MJ Cloths & Has Message For Fans
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    Jackson 5: The Complete Album Collection - November 25, 2013

    I stumbled on this.... :woohoo: To buy >...
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    Bad - Dangerous Tour in Munich

    rtLrEaKDxTI This may be old ... but I had never seen it!
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    MJ - Gives Rare Internet Audio Interview - 2001

    rD6zF5SE0W4 :girl_sigh: Invisible :lol: :P I had never heard this interview. :o :doh: His voice.... :wub: *big sigh*
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    MJ - Steven Spielberg 40th Birthday Rare Footage Never Seen Before

    5BnvG139DT0 I do not remember seeing somewhere here on the forum. :woohoo:
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    The Vampire Diaries

    Fans? :D Ian Somerhalder...... :shifty: :in_love: :naughty: :fear:
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    WTF Arnold Klein???!!!!

    It seems that the fight between Klein and Debbie will heat.... :fear: :blink:
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    Michael Jackson's coach trains Chinese teen (MJ mentioned)

    Seth Riggs > MJ's Coach Trains 13-year Old China's Singing Sensation Sweet.... :girl_sigh:
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    Interview Joe Jackson and Dieter Wiesner BY Magic Image Hollywood Magazine

    Maybe I missed... I do not remember seeing here on MJJC. :scratch: This interview is this year ... in the video description it was posted on youTube on March 20. qyA5F4cTxlY&feature :horror :fear:
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    La Toya Jackson: Prince Is a Good Kid,,20731198,00.html In red >>>>
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    [Tabloid] Prince Jackson cavorts with royal girlfriend Remi while rebelling against family

    I know... Stacy Brown :puke: BUT it is very disturbing :bugeyed: P.S. I do not know if this is the right place to post (If this thread is in the wrong place, please correct this or delete this thread)... :fear: