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    To All The Musicians I Loved Before

    Owl City. I started listening to Adam Young in middle school when I found out that "Fireflies" was actually part of the album Ocean Eyes by Owl City. I listened to the entire album about twenty times while completing an online class for high school credit. Around maybe 2015 or so, after I...
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    Listen. We need some more engagement in here.

    Okay guys, we need some ideas to keep people alive on this website. Game days? Scavenger hunts? Heart-to-hearts? RPs? Like c'mon y'all--we need to step out of the graves around here! :D Wake up y'all! Smell the hummus!
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    StageGlitter's Blog

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    Highschool Memory

    During sophomore year, I took Team Sports. It wasn't my favorite class, but I still made an effort to improve my personal fitness. One afternoon, we began fundamental soccer skills. We warmed up, the popular kids were chosen as captains, the captains picked their teams--my friend and I last, as...