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    House Impeaches Trump.

    I personally believe the Senate will too.
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    The emoji thread

    First, post an emoji you hate. Then, post an emoji you love. Keep it going. :) ;)
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    Questions for your boredom!

    Choose any three to answer! What is your favorite nickname? (It can be for this site or other places) What's your background? What fandoms have you been a part of? How did you get into this fandom? What is something positive that has happened to you as a result of the fandom? Any negative...
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    HTML practice [everyone welcome]

    Just for practice. I feel like no one has done this yet, and we all should practice our html so we don't have to keep digging through the archives of how to do simple things. first bullet second bullet first header second header another header another header
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    We need to make another modification on the website...

    If someone knows how, like a computer guru, can they please delete some of the threads and place them in an archive? I feel like there's so many threads that aren't looked at anymore...wouldn't it be nice to open forums and know that the threads you're looking at aren't from like 2001? I'm not...
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    Why Does No One Want to Talk About Captain EO?

    Literally there's: no fanfiction no Youtube coverage besides the film no remake dance videos (okay, Trapson is excluded) no fanart Like....ugh :/
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    Trapson EO premieres tonight 8-17

    A well known Jackson impersonator, known as "Michael Trapson", will upload an adaption of Michael's "Captain EO" film of 1986. Who's gonna watch it?
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    so are we going to pretend like we don't need an app version of this website?

    We need an app version of MJJC. It's time.