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    Michael in Bucharest, Romania, 1996

    This is the first and only time I saw Michael - at the Romanian Parliament the day before the concert and at the concert itself. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures as I was just 16 back then and didn't bring my own camera with me. So I would like to ask all the fans (especially the...
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    Remember The Time: The Release of the Dangerous Album

    I would like to read your memories on the release of the album back in 1991 and of course your first impressions on the music... I love the Dangerous era...
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    Dangerous - First Release

    I remember watching the news on the release of the Dangerous album and the packaging I saw in the shops was kinda strange - it was not the regular CD and it wasn't the special pop-up edition either. Today I saw pictures in one of the newly released books. Anyone has some info on it? Thanks.