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  1. Magicgirl

    What would be your best hideaway in the case of global catastrophe?

    Note that both global cooling and global warming can take place in a row, you don't know what can happen. Maybe the global nuclear war, then the ashes will cover the whole earth atmosphere. The tropical islands can be flooded. You don't want to sit all your life in a bunker. And the only places...
  2. Magicgirl

    Is it possible to find a sponsor here or to receive some donations?

    Or is this forum full of only schoolchildren, students, unemployed and housewives or of those who are striving to survive themselves? I am in the difficult situation, my son is very often ill and due to it is not possible to work, he gets ill every 10 days or so for another 2 weeks and so on and...
  3. Magicgirl

    He's a monster... Found this on youtube, the song made me cry. It has so much MJ's personality in it. One of the best songs... I almost don't go to forums now because of the newborn baby, made a search on youtube and found that.
  4. Magicgirl

    I can now relate to how MJ felt when he was called pedofile

    My story. Recently I went to some french dating site to get acquainted with a french man. But I am Russian, lived for 7 yrs in austria, now visiting spain before going back to my country. To my astonishment 80 percent of french men there, maybe this is the case only with french men, after...
  5. Magicgirl

    "This is it" - what do background singers sing or what is MJ singing in the background?

    Those who can listen attentively to the background singers, listen these verses. "And it feels as though I’ve seen your face a thousand times And you said you really know me too yourself And I know that you have got addicted with your eyes But you say you gonna leave it for yourself" "And I...
  6. Magicgirl

    MJ's hideout if he was alive

    This is Michaelmania thread, so everything is possible though it sounds impossible. So let's imagine where MJ was hiding if he didn't leave to another world. Because I dreamed this night MJ singing on my player and saying "say Good-bye, don't say die". Here's the poll and you are free to add...
  7. Magicgirl

    I need help urgently!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If somebody has connections (friends) to help me find legal job in continental western europe (not UK) will be helpful, because I don't have much money left (only 100 euro plus money for the ticket) and I don't want to starve in Russia. I am russian, now in Spain, but I can move somewhere else...
  8. Magicgirl

    Would you date MJ impersonator?

    If it happened so would you date MJ impersonator or is MJ one and the only for you?
  9. Magicgirl

    Going to MJ concert - too expensive for me, I have doubts...

    Going to MJ concert - too expensive for me, I have doubts if I should go. I still have about 2 and a half thousand euro left. But I live now in Russia with my parents (after divorce in Austria) and I don't get any job, and even if I get one - the jobs here are very low payed - 150-200 euro a...
  10. Magicgirl

    Do parents interfere in your personal grown-up life?

    I got upset yesterday. I got acquainted with some spanish musician in the net, but he is very poor and decided to visit him. As soon as my parents got to know about it (and I'm 35) they got into rage, endless shouting on phone, that I am making a mistake, that he is too poor, that I shouldn't...
  11. Magicgirl

    Flight catastrophie in Spain

    Have viewed yesterday CNN and that terrible flight catastrophie in Spain, it was going to fly to Canary Islands! 2 months ago when I was going to fly back from Crete to Austria after having the vacation there, 1 week before my flight back I've dreamt of a plane catastrophie where the plane got...
  12. Magicgirl

    My poem called "False Friendship"

    This is of course not about Michael, as Michael is a true friend, this is about... False Friendship. If true or not - The judge is God And whatever you say Arrogance and prejudice Stand friendship in the way. You love yourself more Than anything else, Make women wait and hope Under the false...
  13. Magicgirl

    5th of august - my birthday - spending it all alone

    Today is my birthday (5th of august), as I'm living in a foreign country (in Austria where there are no fans around that I could meet) and am in process of divorce and am unemployed, it seems I'll spend my birthday at home alone. The only congratulations I got were newsletters from some sites...