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    Who here enjoys reading books?

    I do like books. I am not heavy into newspapers or magazines, but i do appreciate poetry and comparing books, scripts and movies.
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    MY analysis of The Great Gatsby

    Okay, you know how people are always saying that Daisy is terrible for leaving Gatsby? Alright i watched the movie and here is what i sense about what could possibly be going through her mind. Thom Buchanan is violent, mean, a bully and a bigot. Gatsby expects Daisy to tell Thom that she does...
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    LONELINESS Loneliness is like a question put out there in the cosmos, by people on earth who need to know why... loneliness is a cancer of the heart that goes untreated for many. WHY, why must we be lonely? Why do we wear a mask to hide our true inner selves? What is the cure for loneliness...
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    I owe the mjjc and others a huge...apology...

    Dear MJJC , During the winter of 2019 i had wrote a fanfic. It was a VERY offensive one about Michael Jackson. It was meant to vent out my own unwise, near sighted, selfish feelings toward him. I should NEVER have wrote such a thing. It's probably the reason why some of the fan members on here...
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    Jane Eyre movie/book

    Alright so, i was just thinking, if they made a Jane Eyre part two what would be the plot? Would you guys like to see a part two of this beautiful, mysterious, delicate and deep plot? I would :rolleyes:. So this is what my theory of part two is. I'm guessing the plot would go like this: Mr...
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    Discovery Channel or Nature, health , wellness...Anyone??

    I love nature. I am to a certain extent into a bit of wild life. I... mostly love earth and nature, because I'm health oriented. anyone one into health and wellness. animals, earth, hiking, canoeing...? Please feel free to leave a variety of interesting comments. I will start I LOVE HEALTH...
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    Dear Michael (letter/poem)

    Dear Michael, Now that i have had sometime this past year to rest, I have in my own time and way been able to ponder on all of the things you have done for me. Jesus/Lord has helped me to see just how wonderful a friend you have been to me. I have come to know and love this forum. Everybody...
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    Kingsman: secret service fans ??

    That 100% kickass film we all know and love... Are there any fans out there? I first fell in love with Kingsman when i saw the Golden Circle. I saw it in those movable chairs. It was early fall, so when the chair started blowing wind behind my ear, it felt like i was in the fight scene with...
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    This LN Documentary Could Be Worse Than the Actual Trial

    This is worst because at least with the molestation trial, it's a matter of Michael or any one being vindicated, then at least the nightmare for accused is over. But the documentary allows the public to have their own decision to decide if this topic be laid to rest or not... and make thier own...
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    A Little Bit About Me

    well, i was raised under strict religious rules. Plus i had a very bizzare up bringing. My grandma and ma are HIGHLY religious people, well my grandma passed on but my mother still very much so. I was raised in a religion that is very extreme and high control and believes in males being higher...
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    Fairmont Royal York Hotel

    Hello there! One of the best things in life i love is the Fairmont Royal York hotel ! Yeah, you know, some day i would like to be invited to have some dinner there. Also i've seen the Ritz Carlton hotel quiet a few times. I stood in front of there with some fans for TIFF, especially some...
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    Mrs. Jackson

    The Christmas Family Ok, this Mrs. Jackson Story isn't working for us is it...? :) So, i'm deciding to try something new. I don't know how much time or energy i will have to finish this but, i'm going to make this short sweet, my own abstract creative fun art and simple, but meaningful. The...
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    Dear moderators and admin., If this thread belongs somewhere else i apologize. This is the best place i know for it so far... i'd like to share a poem of my feelings that came from what i've been through. I know it's okay to do this because you guys said were family here or ( mjjc fam.)...
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    miss Rose

    hi, im rose. i'm not as enthusiastic about being here as i used to be, but forces are compelling me, i am. sorry if that sounds depressing.