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  1. Glanni

    eyevine - Photo Agency: Rare Neverland photos: Does anyone have any account?? If you search "Neverland" on that webiste you find lots of amazing rare photos of Michael and Neverland. But super small dimensions unless you have an account. Also many photos aof Dan Read and Wade and James LOL. From their LN photoshoot. Does anyone have an account...
  2. Glanni

    req: mj in hamburg 2006 highest quality

    hi does anyone have this pic in hq without watermark? i remember it from steady-laughing or mjjpictures but i dont have it anymore :( please help, thx
  3. Glanni

    Verdict 2005 original audio file?

    Hi Does anyone have the original audio file from the verdict 13th June 2005? And who gave it to the press? Can anyone upload it please? Thank you!
  4. Glanni

    Was American Bandstand 2002 the last time we saw MJ with curls (until TII)?

    was this the last appearance of michael where he wear his curls like this at american bandstand 2002?
  5. Glanni

    camerapress: mj in hamburg

    hi does anyone have an account with camerapress and could buy these photos? i would pay in advance via paypal. pleeeease help!
  6. Glanni

    Sycamore Valley Ranch Contract?

    Hi guys Does anyone have a better photo of these 3 pages of Sycamore Valley Ranch Purchase contract?
  7. Glanni

    MJ 2002 Oder flood Germany auction

    Hi who remembers Michael's charity auction from Sep. 2002 for the victims of the flood in Germany? Here some information in german: Michael signed about 40 Cds/DVDs/Napkins...
  8. Glanni

    Hamburg 2006 HQ pics (steady laughing)

    hi i am looking for the steady laughing hq pics from hamburg 2006. anyone knows where to find them?
  9. Glanni

    rare pic Hamburg 2006, higher quality?

    ive never seen this photo before. Does anyone have it in higher quality?
  10. Glanni

    Hamburg 2006 pic HQ?

    I am looking for the original source of this pic to get in in highest quality. can anyone help me plleeeeease :(
  11. Glanni

    Sycamore Valley Ranch Flipbook
  12. Glanni

    Marsha - Far Away (feat. Michael Jackson) ???

    She tweeted this video (she sang the adlibs to Justin Timberlakes 'Cry Me A River') and you can see in the playlist "Far Away" feat. MJ. Does anyone have ever heard about this?
  13. Glanni

    Wade Robson 1993 Police interview

    Hey folks, I need to know if there is any audio or video tape of the police interview from 1993. Snippets are in the new german Akte Doku. But where are they from? I dont find any media for that on the internet or my collection.
  14. Glanni

    2 current important lawsuits?

    Hi I am confused. Is there any timeline or overview about the lawsuits? so we have: 1. Estate vs HBO for LN. The Estate gave a comment to court yesterday and the next date is set for 19. Sep. right? 2. WR + JS vs Estate. Whats going on with this? When will the judge make a final decision...
  15. Glanni

    Cascio "friend" making some money with MJ again: Autograph Auction

    Two promotional photographs owned by Michael Jackson. A 4 x 6 color photograph of Michael in concert with his facsimile signature and a 5 x 7 black and white photograph of Michael in one of his military jackets. From the personal collection of Frank Cascio, a close friend and personal...
  16. Glanni

    GottaHaveRockNRoll Auction started: “Get Your Weight Off Of Me” who has 10k left and wants to buy this? ;)
  17. Glanni

    ALL Jackson 5 / The Jacksons / Michael Jackson concerts - List

    Do we have a list of ALL the concertf of J5, Jacksons & MJ? If such a list exists, maybe we can then highlight all the concerts that we have in FULL (!), no matter what quality they are. Would be interesting to see!
  18. Glanni

    Travi$ Payne

    on the weekend in LA ive heard from serious sources that a tv team for a positive(!) documentary asked travi$ for an interview. he demanded 10.000k according to my source and then said he wont do the interview when the team said its too much money. but they paid la toya and she was interviewed...