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    Edward Snowden Book: Permanent Record

    Anyone getting Edward Snowden's book Permanent Record?
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    YouTube Censorship and Michael Jackson

    I just wrote 2 comments on 2 videos on YouTube, respectively, using the #michaeljackson. Several minutes later I still cannot find my comments. I am quite tired of these arbitrary rules and the censorship. I don't care if YouTube is a company. Especially companies and corporations should, and...
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    Tame Impala

    Holy shit, how did I miss that they have new music out?! My summer jam already. Thank you, Kevin Parker! You are crazy talented.
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    Dreamy Kate Bush

    So womanly, so sexy...
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    Press Freedom - Julian Assange Arrested

    Hey! I am so saddened by the news that Julian Assange was taken out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London a couple of hours ago by the UK police by force. Anyone else care about this story? He should not have had to be holed up there to begin with, but now it is unclear what will happen to this...
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    Michael Jackson: On The Wall Exhibition GERMANY (22 March 2019)

    The Michael Jackson: On the Wall Exhibition starts in Germany today! Because of the newest witch hunt the Bundeskunsthalle is on the defensive for going ahead with the exhibition. If you cannot visit the exhibition, which is fantastic, in person...
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    H&M selling new MJ T-Shirt
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    What If Michael Jackson received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II

    Michael Jackson receives knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II... I wish that would have happened! It would have made him so proud and I cannot think of anyone who would have been more deserving of that title, even if it would only have been an honorary title since he was not an Englishman...
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    Jack White from the White Stripes on Michael Jackson The Big Interview with Dan Rather Complete Episode (sorry, don't know how to post videos :(). He quotes Michael on the process of writing music. I always suspected that Michael had a huge influence on him. I'm always happy when artists acknowledge that, because...
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    Kanye West soon-to-be-king of pop?

    I was looking at amazon-reviews of Susan Fast's Dangerous, which are few and very general and therefore not very helpful, and saw from the same series a book on Kanye West's album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and came upon this review: "Our culture is already bored with meta-commentary...
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    Sir Bob Geldof speech at the Brit Awards 1996

    I always thought Sir Bob Geldof's speech at the 1996 Brit Awards was one of the finest ever given about Michael Jackson. Short but on point and very sweet. I've always wondered since whether Geldof is a fan. He must be. "Any words one speaks or writes are sort of redundant in the face of what...