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    [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    It is one thing for Chandler or anyone else to confess their lies that ruined an innocent man's life, it's another for media and press to pick up the bombshell story and distribute it to the general public so a wide audience becomes aware. Just like I have not seen the current story of the court...
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    Taj Jackson's MJ Documentary - Updates and Discussion [MERGED]

    Absolutely agree. It's gotta be on Netflix.
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    Not Verified: According to Elliot Mintz: Paris Jackson to Perform on Jimmy Kimbel 12/3/20

    Anyone know why her performance has not been posted to his official YouTube channel, yet?
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    Healing Prayers for Bruce Swedien

    Agreed! He was so intrumental to the high quality Michael's records and albums always exuded. Michael's music has to be listened to with head phones to fully appreciate what you called sonic magic. Rest in Peace, Bruce.
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    MJ Good News Thread

    Xscape has more streams than the HIStory album? smh
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    Paris Jackson Pictures/Discussion Part II

    Re: Paris Jackson Discussion/Picture Thread Part II New lyrics video. I love Paris' new song - so enchanting.
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    The Jacksons Wives

    They're all beautiful!
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    Rare Pictures Thread

    You've been posting some real gems. Thank you!
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    Tito Jackson

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    Post Your Favourite MJ Picture of the Day

    Sending aid to Sarajevo in 1992
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    Which Dangerous version do you like better?

    Re: Which Dangerous version dou you like better? I always loved the fact that Michael's wife was watching him perform Dangerous at the 1995 MTV Awards. Despite their marital problems at the time she must have been incredibly proud to see her hubby do his thing. Performance wise I think he...
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    Did Michael Deserve a Nobel Peace Prize?

    Re: Do you think Michael deserve a Nobel Peace Prize? If Barack Obama got one, Michael Jackson should have been awarded one... But, yes, definitely! Michael Jackson was/is the biggest super mega star on planet Earth and he used his stardom and platform more effectively to inspire people around...
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    Best song on Invincible

    I love both Break of Dawn and The Lost Children. Voted for The Lost Children because it is such a beautiful composition and because I love the message!
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    The perception of Michael within the USA from the 90's -2009

    I remember a conversation with a friend in 2000 and that he was adamant in his belief that Michael was not a songwriter, didn't compose any of his songs. I don't know if that is representative of the general perception of Michael in the US (in terms of reducing Michael to being an entertainer)...
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    YouTube Channel 'The Detail' [MERGED]

    Re: The Detail: Michael Jackson in 1984 (Mini Doc) Aww. That really captured Michaelmania quite well. And isn't it amazing how Michael had women, black and white, fawn over him? Like that white girl saying "He's goooorrrgeous!" :heart:
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    What happened to Michael in the late nineties -2003?

    Gavin didnt even testify on pj day