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  1. Billyjeanplxiv

    Superfly Sister (She Got It?)

    Im just surprised people haven't heard She Got It. Its been around for awhile.
  2. Billyjeanplxiv

    Michael Jackson and children

    While there are some aspects that may be weird to us - if youre a megastar with worldwide fame and everyone wants to be with you and take photos with you. Wouldn't you like a few moments of fun without work discussion? His lived experience is completely different than mine and he may have not...
  3. Billyjeanplxiv

    Three Jacksons' albums will be re-released with bonus songs and the Live will be re-issued

    Body Extended Mix sounds pretty good, vocals are top notch quality.
  4. Billyjeanplxiv

    The Paul Anka tracks -- 1980 or 1983?

    Maybe they were written in 1980, but Michael didn't record until 83?
  5. Billyjeanplxiv

    Best of Joy - Original Version

    The Best of Joy MJ version seems interesting
  6. Billyjeanplxiv

    Unpopular opinions about MJ’s music?

    The Lost Children has a strong melody and is extremely hummable. Off the Wall has its staples but not one of the best MJ album. For its faults, the Michael album does fairly well. They could have speant a little longer on it and could have minimized the synthy sounds. (HMH could be so much...
  7. Billyjeanplxiv

    BK Loves MJ Virtual Block Party Aug 29th 2020

    Yea im actually shocked they didnt do more. Looks like a youtuber just made a quick edit
  8. Billyjeanplxiv

    BK Loves MJ Virtual Block Party Aug 29th 2020

    It should premiere shortly because it hasnt yet.
  9. Billyjeanplxiv

    HIStory 25 [MERGED]

    The new merch is pretty cool.
  10. Billyjeanplxiv

    Little Richard (Michael Jackson's Friend) Has Passed Away

    Probably because Paul didnt buy the records first, and they didnt want to have a hand in owning some of john's music. although id argue the catalog was kept in good hands for sometime. R.i.P Lil Richard, you'll be missed and never forgotten.
  11. Billyjeanplxiv

    Heal the world - 2020 Official launch?

    Its not a bad video. i like it
  12. Billyjeanplxiv

    Do you listen to the posthumous albums?

    I listen to them all the time, they are an extension. A welcome one at that.
  13. Billyjeanplxiv

    The Michael Jackson Musical: 'MJ'

    You can sign up for email notifcations on the offical website. I've been getting them since 2009
  14. Billyjeanplxiv

    This Is It 10th Anniversary Boxset

    What if they used all the material possible for This is it. "Good" material. What if thats all the footage of michael they have and they had to work with what they had in 2009.
  15. Billyjeanplxiv

    Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

    Excited. That surprise tho. yeet
  16. Billyjeanplxiv

    So... what’s the Estate’s next move?

    They are doing all they can, time is on our side.
  17. Billyjeanplxiv

    Thriller 3D Update

    We drove a ways to see it. They forgot our 3D glasses so we just walked in as O'Ray left the Theater. It was amazing, and the 3D wasnt bad aswell. I wish i could see it again. Best Quality. I never saw the credit outro too, that actually surprised me.