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    Leaving music to do films?

    Do you think Michael would have left music to do films as he seemed to be so dead set on at the end of his life? There were notes in his room saying that he would not have signed the AEG contract if it did not include making films. “No films, no immortalisation.” Or do you think he was expecting...
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    What was with the out of place fight during ABC at the 30th?

    I know it was planned and rehearsed but I don’t get why they wrote that in the show to begin with.
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    Has Michael ever disappointed you in terms of his studio vocals?

    We talk about how we don’t like certain MJ songs, but from what I’ve read on the forum and elsewhere, whenever I see someone go off on a song they don’t like, I never hear them say “His singing was awful on that one.” (If I did, I forgot) How about you? Are the reasons behind why you don’t like...
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    Remix MJ’s songs in the way they were intended?

    When Michael’s production team was initially done with mixing Thriller, they had too much playing time for two sides of a vinyl LP, which would affect the sound quality. When the tapes were delivered for mastering, Michael and Quincy and Bruce and Rod and everybody at Epic Records gathered...
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    Michael Making a Children's Record?

    I don’t know what gave me this thought, but something clicked in my brain that made me wonder: What if Michael made an album for children? To be honest, I would think he would jump to the opportunity in a second considering his wholesome relationship with children. Imagine Michael singing about...
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    New edition of Joe Vogel’s book “Man In The Music” up for pre-order. For anyone who read and enjoyed the last edition or were disappointed, do you have any hopes for this new edition?