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    The Intimate Imagery of the Invincible Era

    Art/Video/Live Thank you Hamid Moslehi for such beautiful pictures of Michael while he was performing and during his YRMW shoot. Please, anybody, feel free to add other pictures if I missed anything.
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    The Unfaithful and Irritating Editing of the 30th Anniversary Concerts

    This has annoyed me for a while and I'm sharing my thoughts here to find out if anyone else feels my pain :laughing: . The editing on the 30th Anniversary Concert video that was broadcast has some baffling editing decisions that have annoyed me ever since I watched the full amateur footage of...
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    NEW VIDEO - They Don't Care About Us (2020) by Spike Lee

    What are your thoughts on this new project put together by Spike Lee?
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    HIStory World Tour: Around the World in 83 Shows

    In celebration of HIStory 25, I want to have a look at the HIStory World Tour by the numbers, and perhaps prompt a discussion about the tour. :D The HIStory World Tour took place from September 7, 1996 to October 15, 1997. That's 1 year, 1 month, and 9 days; or 404 days. The tour was split...
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    If You Don’t Love Me (Dangerous outtake)

    Has anyone else never heard this amazing song before until now? I agree with the comments on the video that it sounds way ahead of its time. I also find the song to be very relatable. Does anyone have any information about this song that would be interesting?