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    Question regarding Leave Me Alone single release

    Why is it that with the single release of Leave Me Alone, the release got no extended dance mix and Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Another Part Of Me and Smooth Criminal did? The extended dance mixes only appeared on a US acetate and they're great. So why of why didn't these appear on the simple...
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    No surprises today

    Although we all remembering Michael today nothing special turns up in the way of audio or video. No leak, demo or rare video.
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    Compile your MJ audio rarities set. What would it look like and how many folder/volumes would it be

    I'm sure a lot of us MJ have compiled or created their own MJ rarities audio sets. I am working on such sets myself so i would like to know, if you would compile a set with audio rarities, how would it look like and which sources would you use. It could help me to make a nice set for myself. I'm...
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    A complete list of "available" MJ demo's, outtakes, b-sides

    I love the watts 2000 section. So many great audio and video files. I love to listen to the rare material, b-sides, demo's, outtakes, alternate versions and all the songs that have leaked over the years. But all of this are all over the place. That way i could miss out on some songs that were...