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  1. mthalen

    The Michael Jackson Musical: 'MJ'

    Still undecided if I wanna see this one. Wanna hear him sing some Mike songs first.
  2. mthalen

    MJ Porcelain Statues - a project that needs the MJ community

    I have the colored one. And the one with the mask. I also have an all white/shiny version of the colored one. Can't recall where I got them, think I purchased one from Florian directly years ago. Would love yo have the throne one.
  3. mthalen

    New purearts figure

    First pic of the new figure by Purearts. Looks like it'll be another 1/3rd size one. Too big for me, but nice they're making new stuf.
  4. mthalen

    Remembering MJ: Untold stories from 31 of MJ's creative collaborators

    This is a joke. €10 per episode which you can only watch for 24 hours. You can see a demo vid of each episode. Crappy sound, didn't even mic up the people they're interviewing.
  5. mthalen

    Remembering MJ: Untold stories from 31 of MJ's creative collaborators

    Hope theyndont stretch this over 31 months
  6. mthalen

    His last video Rapper DMX Michael Jackson This place hotel (a.k.a. Heartbreak hotel)

    Thanks. Cool videos, would've been nice if he did an MJ song like he did Rudolph The Rednose Reindeer
  7. mthalen

    Bad was supposed to replace wdan

    Signed by Michael Jackson, or....
  8. mthalen

    New Smooth Criminal statue now available

    1/3rd is too big, hope they will make 1/6th next time. In the meantime I Created a "lean" stand for an old figure I had:
  9. mthalen

    New Smooth Criminal statue now available

    Purearts will make smaller figures in the future. Hope they will do more music videos. Billie Jean would be dope, with light up floor.
  10. mthalen

    New Smooth Criminal statue now available

    Well, we've come a long way from:
  11. mthalen

    New Smooth Criminal statue now available

    Hi, The new figure that was announced a few months back is now available for pre-order: This thing is huge (60cm). Here's a video:
  12. mthalen

    Cat Glover (Prince Affiliate) recounts Prince and Michael encounters

    Anyone know if this is a real photo of MJ and Prince, or photoshopped? Are there any more pics out there?
  13. mthalen

    Dark Skin Michael And Racism In The Fan Community

    My favorite MJ "look": Grew up in the 80's when Bad was released. Was glued to the TV when a new video came out. Went to the Bad tour when I was 12 :) Of course I knew Thriller, Off The Wall and old Jackson stuff, but to me MJ is still the cool dude from the Bad Era. Nothing to do with racism...
  14. mthalen

    Could the Dangerous Album Have Been Better?

    Re: Could have the Dangerous album been better? :D Give Into Me has one of the nicest bridges MJ did: "You and your friends Were laughing at me in town But it's okay And it's okay You won't be laughing girl When I'm not around I'll be okay And I'll, I'll not find Gotta, the peace of mind no"...
  15. mthalen

    New MJ action figure

    Have these myself:
  16. mthalen

    New MJ action figure

    These are amazing as well. Met her in Japan:
  17. mthalen

    New MJ action figure

    I have the Hot Toys ones as well. Billie Jean looks as bad as this one. Think they were priced similar. Hot Toys was supposed to make a Smooth Criminal one but it never happened. So I think it's nice that someone still releases action figures. Do they look good? Not really, but it ain't like...