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    New MJ content (Possibility)

    Thank you, finally some common sense.
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    New MJ content (Possibility)

    Random twitter account with no previous credibility claims sony reached out to them and told them there's a new MJ release and NDA's dont exist so the person was kind enough to share the info publicly. very believeable lol.
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    Best of Joy - Original Version

    They were talking about the acapella for Best of Joy, or The Way You Love Me, thats been leaked on the internet for a while now. I was skimming so im not 100% sure which one they were actually talking about. As of now, you could find the Best of Joy original version on Michael Prince's HDD (if...
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    From what year is the mix of Monkey Business that ended up on The Ultimate Collection?

    This is definitely not from Brad's seminar, if it was such a low quality recording there wouldve been obvious reverb or distortion, not insane compression. This is just a mimic of the LQ seminar leaks from ages ago.
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    Bad tour LA

    It wont be back up. It was sold.
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    Best of Joy - Original Version

    I highly doubt that as listen to the leaked acapella, around 1:06 there's just a splice in the vocals
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    New MJ content (Possibility)

    Re: New MJ content? JacksonUnreleased on instagram is a complete joke, he posts several fake stuff on his youtube and his instagram, and i personally called him out in my discord server, to which he started calling himself a "sithlord" (some other weird names i cant remember) and after a bit...
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    The Michael Jackson Chart Watch

    Stuff feels so weird to look back at after all these years
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    Have you ever seen michael in concert?

    yo this stuff must feel so weird to look back at, because at the time i dont even think This Is It was announced and mj wasn't dead at the time and to look back at it must be a whole different feeling
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    Rare Pictures Thread

    For me nothing is showing, idk whats wrong
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    What would Michael done to be apart of the protesting? #blacklivesmatter #nojusticenopeace

    Probably would've wrote a song about it (even though we already have They Don't Care About Us) and also made public speeches about it
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    This is just sad

    This is not okay. This is just not okay, like 5 TAPES, FIVE omgg
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    Remembering Michael on June 25th

    OH MY GOD i just remembered it's in 22 days damn time's flying fast because of quarantine
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    MJ and Racial Issues

    Right now would be such a good time for Michael Jackson to be alive with the BLM movement around
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    Miscellaneous Michael J. Jackson - MMJJ

    Alright sure thanks for the advice, like actually thanks :)
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    Dangerous tour rehearsals

    I agree with you on that, like he was just sitting, if he could sing MITM while dancing at the grammys decently he could definitely sing while sitting on a chair