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  1. MJdude

    Best DVD release for Michael Jackson

    It's hard to pick one. Obviously the concerts are great, so is Vision...but I voted for This is it because it helped me move on after the tragic event.
  2. MJdude

    Your most-intense-goosebumps-Michael moment?

    The Earth Song performance in This is it. That was - for me - the best part of the whole movie. It really hit me in the soul! It made me cry right there in the cinema, because that was the moment when I realized that - genius, artist and icon aside - we lost a great human being. Michael cared...
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    Testing _ I can see the forum and post after the server move

    Re: Testing _ I see forum and post after server move (USA) Works great here! (Denmark)
  4. MJdude

    Fans in Denmark

    Thank you for the link, Little Suzie! I've joined the group. I don't understand much (yet:P), but I'm glad I can meet other fans. :)
  5. MJdude

    Picture of Michael and Stevie Wonder recording in the studio together

    Oh,ok. Thank you very much for the reply! :D I can't wait for the dvd,then....An hour of extra footage,wow! That is going to be amazing!
  6. MJdude

    Picture of Michael and Stevie Wonder recording in the studio together

    I'm still confused...when and how is the Bad 25 Documentary going to appear?
  7. MJdude

    Fans in Denmark

    Hello! Thank you for the reply! I love it here! It's a great country and the people are really nice! Thank you for the tip, I will give it a try! Do you think they will get the Bad 25 in there also or should I order it online from amazon or whatever?
  8. MJdude

    Fans in Denmark

    Hi! I've recently moved to Denmark, Odense, because I will study here for 2 years. I was wondering if you could give me tips about shops where you can find MJ related stuff - like vinyl discs, cassettes, books, etc. - of course, not necessarily in Odense. Also, if any of you live here, I would...
  9. MJdude

    Pepsi Bad Remixes - ACTIVE [POLL Afrojack Remix]

    Re: Do you like the new Pepsi BAD (Afrojack Remix) ? Poll for fun! Not really my cup of tea...
  10. MJdude

    Bucharest pays tribute to MJ on August 29th 2011

    Amazing! Simply amazing!A very beautiful tribute! :D
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    BAD: Underrated or deserving of it's criticisms?

    Yes, I've also wondered about Streetwalker.From what I remember from an interview, it was a toss between Streetwalker and Another Part of me. Maybe one of the reasons the song never got on the album is because it has a similar feel to The way you make me feel? The video, at least, would have...
  12. MJdude

    BAD: Underrated or deserving of it's criticisms?

    ^ I didn't compare it with modern music nor was I ignorant to the greatness of this album. It is a massive album, a true slice of music-history. Still, it's not my favorite MJ album, but it is just my oppinion and taste. There is no need to be mischievous.
  13. MJdude

    Your Last MJ-Related Purchase

    Re: Your last MJ purchase Guys, I don't know how much it will help, I don't really have additional info, I just thought I should share some pictures of the version I own. It's the same album, different cover and CD. I bought it in 2008. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I don't...
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    BAD: Underrated or deserving of it's criticisms?

    Bad is not my favorite album, but I do think it is an amazing piece of art. It's like somebody said earlyer - I tend to see it more like a collection of hits than an album. Also, I do think it sounds a little dated. Off the wall and Thriller have a more fresher sound... About the public...
  15. MJdude

    MJJC Member Pictures !

    ^ I know! lol But it was good!
  16. MJdude

    MJJC Member Pictures !

    This is me enjoying a nice cup of cappucion! :D
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    Favourite Love Ballad?

    Speechless all the way! :yes:
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    Gender Poll: Are You a Male or Female MJ Fan?

    Re: How Many Female Fans And How Many Male Are We? Male. I've been a fan since I was a kid!