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    I believe 'Breaking News' is 100% authentic and I want to talk about it here

    What do you all think of the new preview of the unreleased MJ song Breaking News? What are your opinions?
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    Any James Bond fans here?

    I LOVE MJ and I LOVE James Bond! I recently found out MJ was a James Bond fan and I was like WOW! :D
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    La Toya and Jo Jackson saying This Is It had body doubles! How can they say this? IMO All that I saw was Michael Jackson - No doubles!!! What is their reason for saying this?
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    Me singing and dancing to Billie Jean (Tribute)

    This is me in a Talent Show a few hours ago performing Billie Jean and Singing with Michael's Voice. Rest In Peace Michael. We Miss You. By the way, I'm 12 :cheeky:
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    Michael was set to perform in Coventry, UK This really upsets me as I am from Kenilworth, UK, and I am only a few miles away. it could have been my oppurtunity to see him :cry: Michael Jackson was lined up for...
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    To many things seem wrong with all this

    :no::bugeyed:doh::cry: This all seems to eerie: Mike said "This is It" "The final curtain call". That is normally what peope would say if they were referring to death. Can anyone explain this? Also he said "See you in July. This July and at his memorial we saw his coffin and he was in it, so...
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    Will there be TV Coverage or a DVD of This Is It?

    I was just wondering... Does anyone know if This Is It will be on TV?! :) Hope so :D
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    Impersonator for This Is It :S

    Hi everyone, I just wondered if the rumour that an impersonator will be used for some of the concerts is actually TRUE :scratch: - I am not saying I believe it or any of the tabloids but I just want some sort of confirmation or proof that it isn't truth... thanks :) mj rulezzz
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    Coach Travel?

    I was just wondereing if anybody her knows any plans for coaches from different parts of the UK? Any help ASAP would be great Thank you :)