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    Off The Wall First Edition CD USA

    It's not exclusive to only that CD. You can find it on the UK CD Single of Liberian Girl too...
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    Off The Wall First Edition CD USA

    Nope, there's an earlier mix of Get On The Floor as well..
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    MJ retro gaming - Moonwalker Arcade & dreaming of MJ Pinball

    I'm kinda surprised to see that some of you weren't aware of the other versions of the game. Here's a link to a retro game site that has written an article about all the versions of Moonwalker to different systems, including the ports, plus some nice comparison pictures...
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    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    I wouldn't say hardcore evidence but it was explained in Frank Cascio's book "My Friend Michael". You can read it in this chapter here: I nkow the viewpoint of the Cascios is what it is, but the book is really engaging...
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    Was "Leave Me Alone" inspired and developed from Rick James' "Forever and a Day"?

    Re: Was "Leave Me Alone" inspired and developed from Rick James' "Forever and a Day"? I don't think this is the case. I remember clearly how Greg Phillinganes explained in the Bad 25 documentary how he sat by the keyboard and started to jam out that groove with the accenting string part with...
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    True or fake picture

    Quick google search people, and you'll find the original picture. So case closed, the beard is fake..
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    Don't Stop Til You Get Enough (Demo)

    Am I alone in seeing the sarcasm going on in here??! People come on..
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    Teens Play and React to Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Genesis Game

    To perform the moonwalk, you just hit the action button and press back at the same time. And about getting up the stairs, it's all about pressing up and the direction you want to go (up+left/up+right) - thou I can imagine it being kinda hard by using a keyboard..
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    Has A Long-Lost Michael Jackson Game Been Discovered?

    Has sadly already been debunked as a fake.. EDIT: never mind, just saw that the OP concluded the same thing..
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    Horror Master Wes Craven Dies at 76

    Well.. This is heart aching..
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    New The Weeknd inspired by Michael

    Wow, thanks for bringing this song to my attention! Been listening to it non-stop for hours now.. I have always wondered how a Max Martin/MJ collab would have sounded and I guess this is the closest thing we'll ever get..
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    Would you like to see Moonwalker game remade?

    I grew up on the genesis game. I got it as a christmas present as a kid, it was actually the first video game I've ever played. I've always wanted to see a remake of the game, to the point where I have even considered taking up such a project myself for years, thou creating a game by yourself is...
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    The official remixes

    Well, speaking from a remixers point of view who has adored remixes since childhood and the general concept of being able to transform a song into something different, I can't say that I find remixes boring or just being a necessary evil. Surely I understand the point of view of remixes being an...
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    REMIXES of popular DJs/Producers of Songs from "Xscape"

    May I ask where you got a hold of the remix? Or did you go through the whole Xperia Lounge/Sony Unlimited thing by any chance?..
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    'Xscape' High Resolution audio review

    Equipment is one thing, critical hearing is another..
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    I also noticed that Xscape was a different mix than the leaked version, I personally preffer the old leaked one but they are about 98% the same. I also noticed that the first chorus on Xscape now introduces the synth pad/string section as soon as the chorus starts instead of holding on for a...
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    Michael Jackson To Unleash World Premiere Experience At Billboard Music Awards

    Actually, the Tupac hologram was not made with an impersonator, it was a mash of various permormances and CGI. There are several detailed articles about it.. Anyways, wonder what this whole...
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    Love Never Felt So Good (Remix) [feat. Justin Timberlake]

    I don't think those guitars are from RWY at all. They don't play the same chords as RWY and they don't sound pitch adjusted so they would fit in with the chords of LNFSG. They are very close rhythmically but they do differ from the way the guitars are played on RWY. Just compare with the guitars...
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    Is Tabloid Junkie Sped Up?

    You're probably on to something. This wouldn't be the first time that Mike and Bruce speeded things up to make it sound more tight, many tracks on the Bad album went through the same process - and all the tracks they did speed up is between keys..
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    Speed Demon - A sign of things to come?

    You know what, that actually makes perfect sense.. Have no idea why that has never crossed my mind, they maxed out the play time on vinyl with 48 minutes.. Feeling slightly stupid.. well... getting older..