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  1. SoCav

    Ghost of Another Love (LQ recording)

    Just stumbled upon this. Someone recorded this at a seminar. Edit: just noticed it was already posted in 2000 Watts. Sorry guys.
  2. SoCav

    How did I miss this? (Burn This Disco Out remix by The Reflex)

    This Burn This Disco Out remix by The Reflex has apparently been out for over half a year, but I didn't stumble upon it until a few weeks ago. I have been listening to it very frequently since then. I used the search function here to see if there was any discussion about it, but didn't see a...
  3. SoCav

    Your favourite beatboxing/vocal percussion moments

    One thing that remained consistent throughout Michael's adult solo career is the extensive use of his voice as a percussive instrument. What are some of your favourite beatboxing/vocal percussion moments in his songs and why? One that comes to mind for me is the intro to Working Day and Night...
  4. SoCav

    Michael's most surprising setlist choices and omissions

    Michael was not the kind of artist who mixed up his concert setlists during a tour, instead focusing on perfecting what he felt was the best possible show to present to his fans. He also tended to focus on his biggest hit/most recognizable songs alongside a selection of his latest material...
  5. SoCav

    Lauren Bacall passes away - 1924-2014

    LAUREN Bacall is reportedly dead aged 89. TMZ reports a family member told them Bacall had “a massive stroke” at her home on Tuesday morning. Bacall was an American stage and film actress and model, known for her husky voice and sultry looks. Betty Joan Perske in the Bronx...
  6. SoCav

    Request: Looking for a quote by MJ on music bringing people together

    Hello everyone, Sorry for taking up forum space with a request thread, and if this is not the right subforum to post it in, I apologize once more. I'm writing an essay on the ability of music to bring people together, inspired in large part by MJ. Of course, this is something that Michael...