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  1. Victory22

    SPIN Magazine Article

    This is another well written article about the genius of our Michael. His human side with frailties and defects are shown well. MJ was a very complicated, multi-level person and that's why we love him. Enjoy. :sc_imbad: ~~~~~~ (thank you for sharing Kathy Guzman Juliano & Betty Byrnes on FB)...
  2. Victory22

    [WARNING] Intertainment Tonight interviews Thorson Liberace Ex. who claims affair with MJ

    This is a Call to Action Thread 04-30-2012 Entertainment Tonight announced on their program tonight that they will air the interview with Liberace's Ex-lover who claims gay affair with Michael Jackson Tuesday May 1, 2012 I know this article is from 2004 but I was watching Entertainment Tonight...
  3. Victory22

    HLN Linking MJ With Jerry Sandusky

    Fans HLN is at it again slandering MJ and it’s time to contact them and demand they stop immediately. For the last two days they have been reporting the story of Penn State University assistant coach Jerry Sandusky who has been accused of sexually assaulting young boys. Every time they report...
  4. Victory22

    Campaign To Combat the Dr. Drew Show?

    To the mods and MJ fans I would like to start a campaign to stop Dr. Drew from dragging Michael through the mud every night. A few nights ago he was talking about MJ's nose falling off and questioning the fact he really had Vitaligo. It's clear he will only get worse when the trial starts and...