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  1. analogue

    Songs that sound like other songs

    Blinding Lights by The Weeknd sounds like Forest Fire by a-ha Sussudio by Phil Collins sounds like 1999 by Prince Part Time Lover by Stevie Wonder sounds like Maneater by Hall and Oates Misunderstanding by Genesis sounds like Hold The Line By Toto If anyone's got more to add please do so.
  2. analogue

    Has Wanna Be Startin Somethin ever been performed in it's entirety?

    Everytime Michael performed that song he always skipped the middle verse, or on some very rare exceptions he'd skip the final verse and sing the middle verse instead. But has there ever been a time where he performed the whole song in it's entirety? If it did happen I'm guessing it would have...
  3. analogue

    Why hasn't Smooth Criminal with the moonwalker lyrics gotten an official CD release?

    As far as I know the Moonwalker lyrics for Smooth Criminal (''Everytime I try to find him, he's leaving no clues left behind him'') has never gotten an official CD release. I think the reason why those lyrics were originally cut was because they had to make space so the song could fit onto the...
  4. analogue

    Was Michael ever disappointed with any songs he released?

    You could say that he would have never released something if he was disappointed with it. But people's opinions change over time, and many artists have been disappointed with some material they put out. So did Michael have a song he ended up not liking that much after he released it? I...
  5. analogue

    Songs that could have made great concert openers

    I think Another Part Of Me could have been a great opener. There could be some awesome built up and then the song kicks in. Unbreakable is another good one I think. And probably would have been the opener on the Invincible Tour if that happened. What do you think would have been a good...
  6. analogue

    Was This Is It going to have the longest setlists out of all of Michael's shows?

    Before This Is It a typical Michael Jackson concert would usually have about 15-17 songs, but for This Is It it looked like he was going to perform around 19 songs. I know that not every song from rehearsals makes it to the actual shows, but the amount that might have been planned is just...
  7. analogue

    Royal Brunei 1996. Dangerous Tour or HIStory Tour?

    Because this concert was performed in 1996 some fans consider it to be part of the HIStory Tour, but because it looks like a Dangerous Tour show (With a couple of HIStory album songs added) some fans consider it to be part of the Dangerous Tour. Which one do you think it is? Or do you consider...
  8. analogue

    Smooth Criminal leans on HIStory Tour 1997

    On the HIStory Tour in 1997 the leans for Smooth Criminal just weren't as great as they previously were. Why is this? Did Michael have an injury between 1996 and 1997 that stopped him from leaning as far as he used to?
  9. analogue

    Your favourite HIStory tour concert(s)

    I think the best show from 1996 is Brunei and the best show from 1997 is Basel. Bucharest 1996 and Kuala Lumpur 1996 are great too. And please don't make this into ANOTHER lip syncing thread. We have enough of those already
  10. analogue

    Which HIStory Tour show(s) had the best live vocals?

    I think most would agree that MJ's live vocals were not at their best during this time, but what show(s) do you think had the best live vocals? I think Brunei 1996 was probably him at his best vocally during the HIStory Tour.
  11. analogue

    Vote Thriller as BBC 2's ultimate 80's album You know what to do :)
  12. analogue

    What era was Michael at his most confident?

    I think it was the BAD era. During that time he gave off this aura of ''Yeah, I know I'm awesome''
  13. analogue

    Subtle changes during tours that you've spotted

    Are there any subtle changes that Michael made during a tour that you've picked up on that other people might not have? This could could be anything from costumes, dancing, lightning, singing, how the band plays etc. One that sticks out to me is the BAD Tour 1988 silver costume. In the early...
  14. analogue

    Boycott Netflix for disgusting movie ''Cuties''

    Many of you might be aware but Netflix is allowing a disgusting film onto their platform called ''Cuties'' - A film that has young girls (Aged 10) dancing in a very suggestive and sexual manner. This is basically a haven for pedophiles and Netflix should be ashamed of themselves for even...
  15. analogue

    Bloopers at Michael Jackson concerts

    1. Oslo 1992 has a ton of them. Playback fail at the beginning of Jam, the band starting late on Human Nature, the bass for Billie Jean coming in late. And a few more I didn't mention 2. Prague 1996 had some. Michael couldn't get his leg armor off in time for WBSS so he had to perform the song...
  16. analogue

    Lack of songs from the BAD album at the 1987 shows

    I've always wondered why only 2 songs from the BAD album were performed at the 1987 shows of the BAD Tour. I get that maybe Michael didn't have the dance choreography worked out for songs like Smooth Criminal, but more spontaneous songs like Another Part Of Me and/or Dirty Diana could have been...
  17. analogue

    Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison

    I can't wait for Oprah's TV special where she talks about this CONVICTED (that's the key word here) rapist. (And yes, I'm being sarcastic)
  18. analogue

    Cover songs that are just as good or better than the original

    Michael Jackson - Come Together (Original by The Beatles) a-ha - Crying In The Rain (Original by The Everly Brothers) Phil Collins - You Can't Hurry Love (Original by The Supremes) Laura Branigan - Self Control (Original by Raf) Whitney Housten - I Will Always Love You (Original by Dolly Parton)
  19. analogue

    I wish Michael would have performed with a full backing band

    Just imagine Billie Jean with a real string section and The Way You Make Me Feel and Smooth Criminal with real horns. I feel like this was a massive missed opportunity for him. I think he was planning to do this for the One Night Only show in 1995, but I'm not 100% sure.
  20. analogue

    Any fans of the band Genesis?

    I love this band. They've had so many great songs over the years, and I'd put them up there with the all time greats. What are you're favourite songs from them?