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  1. Hess

    The - This Is It - duet with Paul Anka - appreciation thread

    I don't know if there is already a thread like this but I really like this version. The versions released on the This Is It-album with 2 versions are both melancolic and sad in a way - but the version released by Paul Anka is IMO far superior. It's happy, full of joy, a bit more up-beat. If a...
  2. Hess

    Danish shopping mall removes Michael Jackson wax figure

    Now it really starts in Denmark... After some customers have felt offended the mall has decided to remove the wax figure… Source: This is only the beginning I fear… Some big...
  3. Hess

    Does anyone have more pictures from the MSG rehearsals like these??

    I have never seen rehearsal pictures from MSG before - are there more??
  4. Hess

    MJ live at the Apollo - what was performed?

    Like the thread title says. What was performed? Dangerous Black or White MITM Was more songs performed? - And why has we never seen any footage of this? No amateur - nothing...
  5. Hess

    Will we get a 3rd single from Xscape ??

    What do you guys think? Will we get one more single or is Xscape promotion dead and officially over?? I truely hope for one more single - and video. - But seems like nothing happens. Why on earth don't they promote the crap out of Xscape just before the Christmas sale?? It can't be very...
  6. Hess

    Michael JAckson Internet radio - what's the best?

    Hi - I just got a BOSE SoundTouch™ 30 Serie II Wi-Fi® and it offers internet radio. I have fould a MJ radio station I like, it plays some rare MJ songs normal radio would never play - which is natural because it plays nothing but MJ 24/7. - BUT it has some "voice-over" speaking thing...
  7. Hess

    Just a question about MJ's will and Katherines share

    In MJ's will he says Katherine has to have 25 % right? But what when she dies - does the will say anything about that? - Will the 25 % then be split and given to her children (MJ's brothers) or will charity and MJ's own kids get more? Has MJ mentioned what happens when Katherine dies? I really...
  8. Hess

    Live stream links to the iHeartRadio show

    We are many who do not live in the US - and to give all a chance to see ( HEAR !!) the new single - Love Never Felt So Good - please post live stream to the show here so all fans can get a chance to enjoy this wonderful time! LINKS:
  9. Hess

    Xscape chart positions. (incl. singles)

    A new album is coming - and that means chart positions! So this thread is a place to post current chart positions for both the album, but also for singles! As of now the album is not yet released, but we can still post chartpositions from amazon, iTunes etc. On the Danish iTunes XSCAPE...
  10. Hess

    Was Ghosts filmed in widescreen?

    Title says it all. - Was Ghosts filmed on 35mm (or what it is called) If so, it would be possible to release it on Blu-Ray in new widescreen format right?? Imagine that. A widescreen crystal clear version of Ghosts with perfect sound!! :) And maybe a lot of extras - Making of etc. etc.
  11. Hess

    What do you think of Don't Be Messin' 'Round (DEMO)

    I have read many posts claiming that as many as 90 % hate the demo, and I really do not believe that!!! So now I've made at poll so we can once an for all see what people actually think. People should remember this is a DEMO, not a finished MJ song. It's magic in progress. So it should be seen...
  12. Hess

    3D poster in the Thriller music video!

    . We all know MJ loved 3D, and in the Thriller music video there is a House of wax 3D poster behind MJ. - Do you think it is something MJ did on purpose? At 4:30 you clearly see the 3D poster. Surely cinemas did not have or use 3D back in 1982.
  13. Hess

    Critics reviews of MJ's tours, do anyone have some?

    Hi. I would love to read what the critics wrote about BAD, Dangerous and HIStory concerts! So if you have some old newspapers with reviews you can scan or something please share!! I would love to read what they thought. Did they hate HWT because of the lipsynch or were they fine with it etc...
  14. Hess

    Verdict reached!!

    The Jury has now reached a verdict. Even though I know this is discussed in The Case forum - I think this is such a HUGE thing it needs to be here! Support each other, Hold Hands. What will the verdict be you think? Apr.: 1 hours and 30 minutes left!
  15. Hess

    Could this be the setlist for the BAD tour release? The official MJ site has posted this on facebook. Could this be the concert they are going to release?? One could only hope!
  16. Hess

    Do you blame MJ himself for his death?

    This will no doubt be a controversy thread. BUT in another thread you can vote for who you blame for MJ's death, and MJ is not an option - but some have said they blame MJ, so I just wanted to make this thread to see how many blames MJ for his death. Do you blame MJ just a little? Yes or No?
  17. Hess

    Michael Jackson reached 25.064.380 fans on Facebook !!

    We need something positive we can all be happy about and here it is!! Michael Jackson has reached 25.064.380 fans on Facebook!! That's amazing!! He is the musician with the most fans right ? More than Britney Spears, Lady Gagak, Madonna and all others right ? :clapping::punk::clapping:
  18. Hess

    tchaikovsky's nutcracker? - Which one.

    MJ often talked about tchaikovsky's nutcracker. But when I search on amazon, cdwow etc. I find so many different versions. SO - which version was MJ talking about? If you can give me a link to the right version on or amazon I'd be soo very happy. Thanks
  19. Hess

    Will Michael be nominated for a GRAMMY ??

    This Is It was nominated for a grammy! Many of the songs on Michael are better than TII IMO. Do you think any songs from Michael could win a Grammy?
  20. Hess

    New official homepage for MJ NEW design! :clapping::punk: