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  1. analogue

    What was the CONFIRMED final set list for This Is It?

    It's sad how later in his career Off The Wall songs started being performed as medley or not performed at all. I'd rather Don't Stop Til You Get Enough and/or Rock With You performed in full than to have them be put together as part of a medley.
  2. analogue

    Songs that sound like other songs

    Blinding Lights by The Weeknd sounds like Forest Fire by a-ha Sussudio by Phil Collins sounds like 1999 by Prince Part Time Lover by Stevie Wonder sounds like Maneater by Hall and Oates Misunderstanding by Genesis sounds like Hold The Line By Toto If anyone's got more to add please do so.
  3. analogue

    Going places tour 1978 setlist

    Still better than the Victory Tour that had zero songs from that album performed.
  4. analogue

    Michaels 90s live performances are overrated

    For me the worst part about the lip syncing on the HIStory Tour was how obvious it was. Like on In The Closet where Michael would go from an out of breath speaking voice into perfect falsetto vocals. Or when you see the backing singers lip syncing to Michael's vocals on Stranger In Moscow.
  5. analogue

    Michaels 90s live performances are overrated

    On the DWT I thought Michael sounded fine and not out of breath on ISCSLY, SOOML, J5 Medley, Billie Jean, WDAN and Beat It. And the Man In The Mirror adlibs sounded awesome. WBSS and Human Nature were the only 2 songs where he sounded out of breath to me. Which is strange because those were...
  6. analogue

    Michaels 90s live performances are overrated

    Marketing strategy? If Michael said BAD was going to be his last tour that would encourage more people to go and buy tickets for their ''last chance'' to see him live.
  7. analogue

    What was the CONFIRMED final set list for This Is It?

    My guess is that This Is It would have been similar to the Dangerous Tour when it came to live vocals. He wasn't doing 50 dates in a row. There was about a 2-3 day break in between each date and then about a 2-3 month break before starting up the 2nd half of the ''tour'' And what Michael would...
  8. analogue

    What would This Is It have most likely looked like

    I think the reason why Thriller was lip synced on the DWT and HWT is because during the last half of the song it's not Michael performing because he's getting ready for the next song (Billie Jean or Beat It). For TII I don't think there was going to be any stand ins wearing that cheesy werewolf...
  9. analogue

    Which Michael Jackson songs are concert staples?

    Thriller: Thriller / Billie Jean / Beat It BAD: The Way You Make Me Feel / Smooth Criminal / Man In The Mirror Dangerous: Black Or White HIStory: Earth Song
  10. analogue

    Blood On The Dance Floor is an extension to Dangerous

    Yes. Yes I do. Especially the parts I highlighted
  11. analogue

    Blood On The Dance Floor is an extension to Dangerous

    She Drives Me Wild is cool and has some of the best lyrics Michael's ever written and Can't Let Her Get Away is nice but it drags on for too long. It's a 5 minute song that could have been trimmed down to 3 minutes.
  12. analogue

    Which Cardiff concerts do you wanna see?

    Cardiff 1992 was interesting because apparently it rained during the show which caused some tech issues. So Michael talked to the audience a lot more than he usually did. But both shows would be awesome to see.
  13. analogue

    Did MJ ever talk about the rise of Napster/MP3's and the decline of physical albums?

    IIRC. He said didn't like people illegally downloading music, but he also said he didn't think people should be thrown in jail for it.
  14. analogue

    What has happened to music ?

    I'd put Dua Lipa up there as one of the better artists today.
  15. analogue

    What has happened to music ?

    I think mainstream music has improved these last couple of years compared to what it has been. Much better than the auto-tune era nonsense we got in the mid-late 00's. Music now a days is focusing more on melody where in the mid-late 00's the main focus just seemed to be on mindless beats.
  16. analogue

    Miscellaneous Michael J. Jackson - MMJJ

    Rare moment from the HIStory Tour of Michael using a handheld mic instead of a headset on The Way You Make Me Feel Picture is in the thumbnail but skip to 40:50 if you want to see the video. The quality is pretty bad though