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    New Official MJ Merch Collection

    I know people have been critical of the Estate’s licensed merch (and for good reason, since most of it sucks), but the brand-new collection is actually pretty great in my opinion. The Invincible t-shirt, the chromatic blue shirt, and the white crew neck are all pretty dope.
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    Michael’s best vocal performance is…?

    Let’s say you’re invited to participate in a famous vocalist ranking, and you’re appearing on MJ’s behalf. You’re allowed to bring one piece of media that you feel represents Michael at his best. It could be a song, a live performance, a rehearsal sound bite, whatever you wish, from any era you...
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    The Paul Anka tracks -- 1980 or 1983?

    This has been pestering at me for a while, and I want to see what the rest of you think. As we all know, Michael and Paul Anka collaborated on three songs for the latter's Walk a Fine Line, a duets album which was released in early August 1983. Though the MJ Estate have earmarked the songs as...
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    Unpopular opinions about MJ’s music?

    I’m sure there are a million and two threads similar to this, but why not kickstart a fresh one with the gift of hindsight and leaks? :D What are your hottest takes about MJ’s discography? I’ll throw a couple in to start: - Off the Wall is Michael’s worst adult album. It’s good, but the...
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    Brad Buxer/Michael Prince Zoom Call, 6/25/20

    So, today Brad Buxer and Michael Prince held a Zoom call with an interviewer who asked them a series of pre-submitted questions. I sadly wasn’t able to attend, and (as of now) it seems that no one was able to record it, but those who attended said it was full of enjoyment and knowledge. Was...
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    What songs didn't make it onto XSCAPE?

    24 vocally-completed songs were pulled from the vault for XSCAPE in late 2013. Eight of these songs wound up on the final album, leaving 16 outtakes. According to Damien Shields, two of these outtakes were "Get Your Weight Off of Me" and "I Was the Loser," the latter of which L.A. Reid allegedly...
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    REQUEST: Thriller 25 Credits, Handwritten Edits by MJ

    One page can be found here. I recall seeing the full document somewhere, but I cannot find it! If anyone could post it, I'd be very grateful:)
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    What (in your opinion) are Michael's most profound lyrics?

    We all know that lyrics were secondary to Michael; melody and groove were the elements he was most attentive to. However, there are moments across his catalog where he lyricism was gut-wrenching, profound, and/or truly excellent. Some of my favorites are: "Black or White": "I ain't scared of...
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    Should the "You Are Not Alone" rehearsals from 2009 be released?

    So, the "Stranger in Moscow" rehearsal clip got me thinking... There are several numbers that were cut from the This Is It documentary for various reasons, among them "You Are Not Alone." Via his YouTube channel, Jonathan Moffett confirmed that the band did have the song prepared, but I'm...
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    Michael, Bad 25, and Xscape are wiped from existence. How would you reconfigure an album?

    Another hypothetical! (Sorry about the continuous posts regarding Michael's "unreleased" music. I'm going stir crazy because so many albums, movies, and video games are being delayed due to COVID-19, and the email I sent to the Estate suggesting new music to hold us over was promptly [and...
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    Favorite anthem?

    (Excluding Jacksons tracks.) As the title states -- favorite environmental/social/political anthem?
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    You can release ONE previously unreleased track. Which one do you choose?

    Let's do a hypothetical :) You're temporarily given the role of Estate co-executor. Branca and McClain tell you that, with the COVID-19 scare essentially shutting the world down, they want to drop a previously unreleased song, and you're in charge of choosing. The only criteria is that the song...
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    Best Musical Riff?

    I was listening to "Heartbreak Hotel" a few minutes ago, and two things struck me: 1. how amazing the main piano riff is; and 2. how incredible Michael was at coming up with catchy riffs. There are so many examples in his catalog of earworm guitar/synth/bass melodies. He's the greatest at it...
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    Bill Bottrell tells the story behind "Monkey Business"

    Even if you read this story here, make sure you VISIT THE ORIGINAL PAGE to let Bill know you're all aware of it! Hopefully we get some more behind-the-scenes posts from him and some of MJ's other collaborators :) ======================================================= Michael never told me why...
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    The "Leaving Neverland" Rant & Support Thread [Merged]

    Sorry if this is an unnecessary or inappropriate post! I know so many of us have strong feelings over the recent public fallout, and I imagine we have long-winded rants that we don't want to clutter the main Leaving Neverland thread with. I figured we could use a place to air our grievances out...
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    Best Song as a Featured Artist?

    Title says it all! What is the best song that Michael is featured on? Only songs where Michael is prominently listed as a featured artist count -- simple backing vocals or production credits don't!
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    A Letter from Bryan Loren

    Hello. I hope this note finds all of you well. As many of you know, I have been making music for a long time, both as an artist and creator of music for many other artists, including ‪Whitney Houston‬ and Sting. In the late eighties, it was my great fortune to be pursued by a...
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    [REQUEST] Studio Track Sheets (HQ)

    Anything like this, in the highest possible quality! I'm trying to work out exactly when certain tracks were recorded for a side project I've got in mind, and the dates Bruce Swedien (or whatever mix engineer was there at the time) writes in help immensely. The higher quality, the better! :)
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    Michael Jackson Scream - The Album Okay, so three thoughts: 1) A new album titled Scream? Is there a second song titled Scream that we don't know about? Is it a solo version? Why...
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    Branca: Unreleased Music Unlikely in the Foreseeable Future

    MOONWALKING TO THE BANK WITH JOHN BRANCA by Phil Gallo Mega-Attorney John Branca Talks Estates, Legacies and Streams Both Digital and Monetary In September, John Branca and John McClain finalized one of the largest music publishing deals in history: The $750m sale of the Michael Jackson...