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    Breaking News: John Travolta's 16-Year-Old Son Dies,,20249865,00.html John Travolta's 16-Year-Old Son Dies Jett Travolta, the 16-year-old son of actor John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston, died Friday while on vacation with his family in the Bahamas. Michael Ossi, a lawyer for the family, told Reuters...
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    Jennifer Anistion: What Angelina Jolie Did Was "Really Uncool"

    Finally she spoke: Tuesday November 11, 2008 In the December issue of Vogue, Jennifer Aniston opens up about Angelina Jolie -- and then some. When first asked about Jolie, Aniston asked the reporter, Jonathan Van Meter...
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    Philadelphia Phillies: World Champions!!!!!!

    Hey fans!! Man................. I am so happy today because the Philadelphia Phillies (major league baseball team) finally - or - phinally - won the world series since 1980. That is a whole 28 years!! The Phillies' win also killed the "curse" that has plague my beloved city since 1983 - The...
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    Angelina Jolie on the Cover of "W" Magazine

    Hey fans. I saw this cover on "Extra" last night and *sigh* I do not know what to think about any of this hoopla about this woman. It seems to me that the media is celebrating this woman and forget about certain things ala how she got Brad Pitt to be with her, on purpose. Well, I came across...
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    Req: PIcs of MJ with Prince, The Time, George Clintion or Sheila E.

    Hey, fans. Now, I know my request is out there but I was wondering if there are any pictures of MJ with Prince, The Time, George Clinton or Sheila E.? I will tell you this - I doubt there is a picture of MJ and Prince out there but the others could be a possbility. So, any of you guys know any...
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    R. Kelly Speaks - On BET

    Hey people. *sigh* I said that I was never going to do another thread on R. Kelly after that laughable verdict back in June. I lied... sort of. I was listening to the radio this morniing and they mentioned that R. Kelly is doing this big interview with BET that will air tonight at 10PM EST...
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    USA Members of MJJC Please Read This

    Now, that I have gotten your attention (hopefully) I want to ask you a very serious question. Have your registered to vote? If you have, GREAT! If you haven't and you are over the age of 18, you should registered. I was listening to the "Steve Harvey Morning Show" last week and he stated that...
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    What is Margaret Maldonado Doing These Days?

    Hey guys. I, like a lot of fans on here, read the book that Margaret, Jermaine's second wife and the mother of two of his nine children, wrote called Jackson Family Values. A lot of fans loved the book and a lot of fans loathed the book. Whatever the feelings, the book was indeed interesing...
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    The Official MTV VMA Thread

    Hey fans. This is the thread that we can discussed, trash, bash etc. the "awards" show. We all know that MTV as a whole basically sucks these days. So, I decided to make this thread so that we can all discussed how much the network and the award show sucks. After what they have done to MJ, I...
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    Ciara on the New cover of Vibe

    Hey guys. I was on this blog that I go on daily and I saw the cover of the latest issue of Vibe magazine. Ciara is on the cover and she is basically naked. Now, I am not going to post the cover on here because quite frankly, it is a bit too much and young members read this forum. So, I am going...
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    Janet's Interview with

    Janet did an interview with Check it out: Label Deal In Doubt, Jackson Hits The Road September 04, 2008 , 3:50 PM ET Gary Graff, Detroit After the disappointing showing of her latest album...
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    Which Female R&B Singer Do you Want MJ to Work With?

    Hey, fellow fans. I want to know if you had a chance to pick an female R&B singer for MJ to work with, who would it be. I have made a poll about this and I really want you guys to really think about this. Also, when you have made your choice, explain why. EDIT: I have a few rules: 1. No bashing...
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    MJ's 50th Fan Party in Vegas

    Hey guys. I was wondering, have any fan or fans on here or know fans who went to the fan party for MJ's 5oth birthday in Vegas? I heard that Joe Jackson was there.
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    Tragedy for Dr. Dre

    Hey, guys. I just read some reaslly sad news about Dr. Dre and his son. I read this sad story on - So sad. R.I.P to his son and my condolences.
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    The Truth About Hair Extentions/Weaves

    Hey fans. I was on this blog that I go to almost everyday and they had this article about hair extentions. I read this article and I was disgusted. I personally do not hair hair extentions of weaves and after reading that article, I do not want to ever wear them again. I am going to post the...
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    Jermaine Jackson Interview

    Hey fans. I recieved this e-mail yesterday about an interview that Jermaine did on a certain website. It says: Elbow Grease Productions presents: Jermaine Jackson Interview AIRING NOW I am assuming that you can just go to the website and watch the interview.
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    25 Things that Killed Urban Music

    Hey fellow music fans. I was on the board today and I saw this thread about 25 things that killed urban music. I read the article and I agreed to almost everything that was stated in the artile. The person who did the article was on point. Read the article and state what you think...
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    The Official BET Awards Thread

    Hey fans. Today the BET Awards will air on BET tonight at 8pm EST. This thread is about the award show and not about the channel. This thread is meant to talk about the award show. You can post news, video, behind the scenes scoop, etc. of the award show. I have a few rules that everyone must...
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    Madge's Brother Doing the LaToya? Madge -- Burned by Her Own Bro? Posted Jun 12th 2008 6:27AM by TMZ Staff One person who knows where Madonna's bodies are buried –- her brother Christopher –- is apparently going to reveal 'em all in an upcoming book. Christopher, with whom Her Madgesty fell out with years...
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    Janet's Interview w/ SOHH

    Via the Grape Juice: Our good friends over at SOHH were fortunate enough to have the rare opportunity of interviewing Pop superstar Janet Jackson. For all those wondering about the status of the 'Discipline' album, read on....(it's not good): I had the...